EXCLUSIVE | Lindsay Lohan returns to THE MASKED SINGER for season 3

Lindsay Lohan is returning to Channel 10's THE MASKED SINGER (image - 10)

Although Network 10 is yet to reveal the news, the singer herself has told us she will be coming back.

THE MASKED SINGER AUSTRALIA original judging line-up: Jackie O, Danni Minogue, Dave Hughes & Lindsay Lohan (image -10)

In news which will delight fans (and executives at Channel 10), TV Blackbox can confirm Lindsay Lohan will be returning for season 3 of The Masked Singer Australia.

Lohan was unable to take part in the filming of season 2 due to COVID-19 restrictions and was replaced by comedian Urzila Carlson.

Unfortunately, that led to a decline in ratings and network executives have been keen to get Lohan back.

The season two debut was down 37% from 1.2 million in 2019 to 733,000 in 2020. In overnight figures the season average in the 5 cap cities was 928k in 2019 compared to 816k in 2020 (that’s a drop of 12% year on year).

THE MASKED SINGER 2019 ratings (source: Steve Molk)
THE MASKED SINGER 2020 ratings (source: Steve Molk)

What’s unclear is whether the panel will expand to five or whether Carlson will exit the show.

Lohan dropped the news while speaking to Abbey Mikkelsen, a producer on The Ben, Rob & Robbo Internet Show:

“I will be back in Australia for season 3”

The text message where Lindsay Lohan confirmed her return to THE MASKED SINGER AUSTRALIA (Source: Abbey Mikkeslsen)

It’s not currently known whether the judging panel will be expanded to include Urzila Carlson in season 3 of THE MASKED SINGER (image – 10)

Last month, as reported by The Daily Mail, judge Dave Hughes revealed Lindsay believed she would be returning, but the news was not confirmed, with the star saying:

‘I think so!!!! I hope so!!!!’

That news is now confirmed.

Filming for the next series is likely to take place around the middle of 2021, hopefully with an easing of COVID-19 restrictions which saw the show having to film the finale from multiple locations after an outbreak on set.

*Channel 10 has been approached for comment


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