A reminder of incredible TV, or out-of-place nostalgia: A WEST WING SPECIAL TO BENEFIT WHEN WE ALL VOTE | TV Bingebox S01E33


“You have a lot of help. You listen to everybody and then you call the play.” — President Josiah ‘Jed’ Bartlet.

Originally airing as season three, episode fourteen of THE WEST WING, the theatrical re-telling of “Hartsfield’s Landing” was delivered to the American people as a fundraiser on HBO Max to support the non-partisan charity When We All Vote.

Your Bingeboxers have gathered, walked-and-talked, and processed this special and, in light of the outcome of the 2020 US Election, have some things to say. Look at the whole board, for starters.

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Join Jo, Dan, Brooky and Molk as we give you some great tips, hints on shows to watch and those to give a wide berth to as we land squarely in the TV Bingebox!

In this episode we cover off:

  • Our Clap or Slap shows (ones we’ve been loving and others we’ve had the misfortune to watch), include: Moonbase 8 (Stan), Seduced (Stan), The Mandalorian S02 (Disney+), Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (FOX8), Roadkill (ABC), Four Corners (ABC), Kylie Infinite Disco Concert (YouTube), US election coverage (CNN/Fox), Louis Theroux: A Place for Paedophiles (Stan), South Park (10 Shake), Face Off (HayU), Vanity Fair (Stan);
  • This week’s #GroupBinge is one that pits the ideal against reality, with all sorts of lines blurring…we discuss A WEST WING SPECIAL TO BENEFIT WHEN WE ALL VOTE (Foxtel/Binge); and
  • It’s Brooky’s turn to to drag us through a #Rewind sure to entertain: THUNDERBIRDS (Stan).

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Steve Molk
Steve Molk is sharply focused on the business of TV in Australia across all its formats - FTA broadcast, commercial, subscription, catch up & SVOD. Based on the Central Coast of NSW he's a passionate advocate for Australian-made programming, particularly drama and comedy. He loves podcasting, gaming & watching too much TV. For all media enquiries please call or text 0401-709-405



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