In Tuesday nights episode, the SAS Australia star recruits found themselves in a test of Strength.

Challenges included:

  • Enact an ERV (Emergency Rendezvous) drill during a simulated attack on base in the middle of the night
  • Walk 11km across mountainous terrain carrying full kit (their Bergens had to weigh at least 18.1kg) in a punishing Pack March
  • Watch video messages from home in the biggest test of their emotional strength to date

Firass Dirani broke protocol during the ERV task, abandoning the group to locate a missing Candice Warner. The DS weren’t happy with his heroics, telling him he’d jeopardised the safety of his fellow recruits, was on a thin line and to stop wasting their time.

Fed up with Firass’ reckless behaviour, the recruits took the law into their own hands – at first trying to convince the DS to remove him from the course (Ant denied their request), and then pleading with Firass himself to quit for the betterment of the group. A steadfast Firass told them he couldn’t hand in his number;

“I own it, I own me, I belong here, that’s what I feel in my heart of hearts.”

Recruits suffered through a Pack March, the bread and butter of the Special Forces and the ultimate test of endurance, while carrying their weighted Bergens.

With Firass once again defying DS orders, he was ordered to carry an extra rock in his Bergen taking it upwards of 25kg. But even then he was still able to overtake Jackson Warne who struggled on the march, falling 2km behind the other recruits and eventually making the decision to VW.

In an emotional call home, Jackson told his famous father Shane that doing SAS had changed his life, explaining he “tried everything, ate all the food, did all the ropes courses, did all the water stuff… I did it all!” before his proud dad told him to go and “smash 20 burgers”!

In a final test of their emotional strength, each recruit was shown a video message from loved ones at home.

Candice was the only person unable to watch her video the whole way through and was brought in for questioning where she was told to stop self-DS’ing and live in the moment.

“Today I thought I let myself down, I really want to achieve something, I haven’t achieved anything for so long, I just want to do well.”

Nine recruits remain: Candice Warner, Erin McNaught, Firass Dirani, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts, Molly Taylor, Nick Cummins, Sabrina Frederick, Shannan Ponton

In the next episode: The DS split recruits into teams for 24hrs, in which they put their lives in each other’s hands during a terrifying freefall and perform a relentless munitions supply drill up a steep, rocky hill.

Then, in a final test of trust, everyone must share their deepest secrets and regrets with each other and the DS.  

SAS Australia continues MONDAY 7.30PM on Seven – EP 9 “TRUST”

Kevin Perry
Co-Creator and Editor of the TV Blackbox website, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting. Media enquiries please Call or Text 0428-275-111



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