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Joe Hildebrand, Anjali Rao and Dee Madigan join Ben, Rob and Robbo for US Presidential Election result coverage… with a difference!

Joe Hildebrand joins The Brn, Rob and Robbo show for US Presidential election coverage (image - news corp)
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Yes, there will be coverage of the US Presidential election on every network, but you won’t see anything like this!

Anjali Rao will co-host US election coverage on The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show is teaming up with Ticker TV to bring you results, commentary and fun as votes are counted in the most important Presidential election since… well, since the last one!

From 9am AEDT at the top of every hour Ahron Young and the team at Ticker TV will bring you 30 minutes of news related coverage, then at the bottom of every hour from 9.30am AEDT The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show bring you their unique take on unfolding events.

Joining Ben Norris, Rob McKnight and David Robinson for this mamoth streamcast are;

  • Joe Hildebrand – Political commentator (Studio 10, The Morning Show, The Daily Telegraph, news.com.au)
  • Anajli Rao – Former CNN International anchor
  • Dee Madigan – Creative Director of Campaign Edge (Gruen, The Latest)
  • Bruno Bouchet – The List King (Kyle & Jackie O, A Current Affair)
Dee Madigan offers insights into the US Presidential elections campaign (image – ABC)

These experts will be joined by a host of other guests who will true insight into the campaign that isn’t just the same old boring commentary you’ll get everywhere else.

Special segments will also bring you the latest information from all sources as we show you how networks from all around the globe are covering the second biggest event of 2020 well, let’s be honest – this is the year of COVID-19)

Ticker TV CEO Ahron Young says:

“We’ll keep you in the know with the latest developments, while also bringing a whole lot of entertainment with Rob McKnight and his team. We’ll stay on the air for as long as it takes.”

“There’s never been an election like this, after four tumultuous years, the US is divided and Australians are feeling the impact of the US-China trade war.”

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show US Presidential election results coverage starts at 9.30am Wednesday on Ticker TV.

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