RECAP | Candice Warner reveals the pain of that South African Cricket Tour on SAS AUSTRALIA

In tonight’s test of MINDSET, the SAS Australia star recruits found themselves in an abandoned abattoir.

The recruits face a life or death decision before they are drilled physically into the early hours of the morning. Will they bow out from exhaustion or find the true grit needed to carry on? Challenges include:

  • Handle a weapon and make a split-second decision in a marksman task which simulated the life-threatening chaos of a war zone
  • Endure 3hrs of ruthless physical punishment in a severe night beasting in near-freezing conditions

Jackson Warne impressed in the extreme combat scenario.

Merrick Watts aka “Captain Fire” took charge of the heat.

Recruits learnt the hard way the importance of keeping their water bottles filled to the brim.

After freezing on the marksman task, Mitchell Johnson was brought in for questioning where he opened up about a life long battle with depression

And a passionate Candice Warner got defensive when confronted with her past during interrogation.

Despite being pushed to their limits, nobody VW’d which means 14 recruits still remain: Ali Oetjen, Candice Warner, Eden Dally, Erin McNaught, Firass Dirani, Jackson Warne, James Magnussen, Merrick Watts, Mitchell Johnson, Molly Taylor, Nick Cummins, Sabrina Frederick, Shannan Ponton, Shayna Jack

In the next episode, Firass comes under fire, Jackson is pushed to breaking point and a gruelling log haul leads to the next VW. Who will quit?

SAS Australia continues TUESDAY 7.30PM on Seven – EP 4 “TEAMWORK”

Go to 7plus for uncensored episodes, uncut interrogation scenes, post-VW interviews with recruits and more.


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