7UPFRONT | Seven delivers the freshest content and innovation in 2021

Over 5,250 hours of the freshest content provides unprecedented amount of new and returning opportunities for brands

7RED delivers better results for partners

Innovation to enhance better outcomes for partners

Seven will be the home for growth in 2021

The Seven Network today explained at its 2021 Upfront presentation how the combination of its content offering along with new initiatives deliver enhanced results for their partners.

Kurt Burnette, Seven West Media Chief Revenue Officer, said:

“2020 has been a year like no other. We’ve all faced challenges like never before, with our content for the year impacted and our partners forced to pivot strategies to capture the attention of audiences in different and agile ways.

“But these challenges have presented us with opportunities to innovate and grow together and deliver great outcomes for our partners. For 2021 and 2022 Seven has strategically created and will deliver the most disruptive content line-up in a decade. Offering brands across Seven, 7plus and new ways to reach and target new audiences. Along with the most consistent and dominant content spine of Sunrise, The Morning Show, The Chase, 7NEWS and Home and Away. We’re excited about what we’re able to offer to ensure that working together, we can make 2021 and beyond a success as we all embark on the road to recovery.”

Content and results

Across 2020, Seven has delivered outstanding results with clear proof points for its partners across its prime time content lineup. Partners have integrated and featured in Seven’s content in new and innovative ways, reaching their key audiences.

Big Brother, the loved and adored global television phenomenon, offered KFC theopportunity to fully integrate their brand and the show’s success delivered tangible benefits that would have otherwise not have been possible thanks to the span of Big Brother across broadcast, BVOD on 7plus, and social.

Angela Richards, KFC Group Marketing Director, said:

“The opportunities to fully integrate your brand into TV culture are few and far between. So, partnering with Big Brother in 2020 was definitely a no-brainer. And true to expectation, our series of integrations within the program set a new benchmark for KFC in becoming part of the entertainment of a program and adding value beyond being a sponsor. What’s just as pleasing is that the partnership also drove tangible results – Big Brother helped KFC to drive increases in Spontaneous Awareness and Brand Buzz well ahead of year ago, two key metrics of brand and business health for us.

“We are really looking forward to our partnership with Big Brother in 2021. We know our biggest contribution to the program content is through our delicious chicken and we’ll be continuing to reward, surprise and delight the housemates with that taste they love. But next year, we hope to bring in even more larrikin fun to the challenges and to the house experience itself.”

For Youfoodz and Toyota, Farmer Wants A Wife was the perfect platform to reach their target audiences authentically, with the seamless integration delivering strong results for both brands.

Simon Jarvis, Youfoodz Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“Our integrated sponsorship of Farmer Wants a Wife set a new benchmark in terms of what we’re hoping to achieve from our partnerships as we continue to grow our business. The integration delivered exceptional results and had a big impact on our overall brand health as well as driving a considerable amount of traffic to our website. The insights and learnings we’ve uncovered via the TV Squared analysis have also been valuable in helping us learn what worked well, in addition to what we need to refine for the upcoming season to drive the best outcomes. We’re really excited about the next phase of our association with the programme and can’t wait to get started.”

Toyota Australia said:

“Farmer Wants A Wife was the ideal platform for Toyota to showcase our rural and regional community initiatives.”

In April, at the height of the COVID-19 lockdown, Coles partnered with Seven to deliver What’s For Dinner, a campaign during 7NEWS at 6.00 that each night shared a recipe fordinner, all from iconic chefs including Luke Mangan, Darren Purchese, Matt Stone and Kylie Millar. Each segment was shot by the chefs in their homes and connected with Coles’ customers looking for tips and tricks on family favourites and go-to meal ideas for home cooking.

Lisa Ronson, Coles Chief Marketing Officer, said:

“Our aim was for Coles to help inspire cooking for Australians with great value meal ideas, at a time people are looking for inspiration more than ever. The work our Coles team was able to do with 7RED and OMD is best practice collaboration from ideation to implementation. A great example of delivering on the value proposition for our customers and the partnership.”

These results delivered for partners will only be expanded in on 2021, with a full and uncompromised prime time content offering across the year, along with the new additions of Tokyo 2020, a home Ashes Series, Supercars, and the most watched sport in the country, AFL. Along with the returning with year-round Horse Racing and the Big Bash. All underpinned by the 7NEWS and Sunrise, the most watched news and public affairs offering.

The Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Seven’s unmatched content offering featuring the biggest television brands in the world will deliver a fast start for brands in 2022.

Natalie Harvey, Seven Network Sales Director, said:

“In 2020, despite the challenges we were able to deliver tangible results for our partners across our content lineup. Whether it was in our prime time tentpoles, in 7NEWS, Sunrise or across sport, our objective is to enable brands to connect with our audience, their customer and always create meaningful outcomes.

“We saw huge growth in sport with the AFL, and 7NEWS and Sunrise proved unmissable in the most newsworthy year of our lifetime, further proof of the power of local news that Australians can trust. With phenomenal growth across 7plus and social, driving more engagement with our content than ever before.

“In 2021 and 2022 we’ll have the freshest and most disruptive shows, and the biggest events on Seven. For the first time in a long time Seven is the challenger brand. For our partners, it will represent a unique proposition to reach their audiences of choice. Seven will be the partner for growth in a year where growth has never been so important, not just in terms of our audience but for clients in every industry, across the whole country. Replicating a year like 2020 is not on our agenda.

When it comes to planning for audience growth, we are making it easier by supplying predicted ratings across the year to be used for analysis as well as buying.

To help to help seamlessly create and deliver campaigns that produce real results, 7RED has proven to be indispensable partner for brands”


Seven’s cohesive strategic cross-media unit, 7RED, was key to the execution of campaigns from Coles, Toyota, KFC and others across 2020. By working with 7RED, brands can easily integrate with Seven’s leading content offering on broadcast and digital platforms, placing their brand in the biggest cultural moments of the year and reaching their bullseye audiences.

Seven is enhancing our offering in 2021 thanks to 7REDiQ, Seven’s new audience intelligence platform, and SWMID, which combined allows partners to better understand and find relevant audiences more than ever before. Partners can take their learnings from 7REDiQ and directly apply it to a campaign strategy with 7RED, smoothly and seamlessly delivering a campaign that achieves the results they are targeting. Identify, Enrich, Fuse, Activate and Measure: all in one place, with Seven.

Katie Finney, Strategy Solutions Director, said:

“Partnering with Seven through 7RED, brands can easily integrate into the best content offering in the market. By adding 7REDiQ, brands are now able to seamlessly move from learning and understanding about their target audiences directly to a campaign strategy that delivers on their objectives and meets their targets.”

Innovative initiatives

Across 2020, Seven have delivered new and innovative ways for partners to connect with their target audiences.

Seven’s Enhanced Advertiser and Viewer Experience – EAVE – was launched with Big Brother. Brands that leveraged this new opportunity saw their brand consideration grow by 10 per cent due to the de-cluttered advertising environment and reduced break length and frequency.

7CAP, Contextual Ad Placement, has delivered a 10 per cent uplift in brand awareness and consideration. The cumulative effect of these innovations will be enhanced with new initiatives.

CODE 7, Seven’s evolved Campaign Optimisation Delivery Experience. Delivering a guaranteed audience, increased effectiveness and reduced workload across broadcast and soon, BVOD. On 7plus, Programmatic Freeze Frame places a partner’s brand into live streaming for the first time, when the viewer decides it’s time for a break, and it’s already delivering results for Nestle, who partnering with Seven and Matterkind have taken advantage of Programmatic Freeze Frame.

Flaminia Sapori, Head of Partnerships at Matterkind, said:

“Broadcast sponsorships have always been the domain of a traditionally planned and bought media execution. This new development is a big step up for brands which can now leverage these high impact formats programmatically to expand their addressable footprint. Freeze frame is a great solution which gives brands the ability to capture an already engaged audience on Connected Television through a break, delivering a relevant and contextual message. We now have the ability to serve this product through programmatic pipes which allows for better (cohesive) audience targeting and enhances the user’s brand experience.”

From next year when our talent or our content inspires consumers to purchase, we’ll enable them to do so in the moment. With the introduction of Ecommerce directly within the content or advertisement, creating the most direct connection possible between brands and their target customers. This will help businesses not just build brands but create purchases.

Viewers that binge watch content on 7plus are more engaged with the content they’re watching. To help keep those viewers engaged and deliver better results for partners, 7plus will feature a streamlined advertising experience when viewers are binge watching, keeping them watching longer and increasing their engagement with the content and advertisements during it.

Nicole Bence, Seven Network Digital Sales Director, said:

“We’re continually pushing the boundaries to enhance the advertiser experience on 7plus. The combined impact of new ad formats, an improved addressable product suite and a growing schedule of exclusive content makes 7plus not just the natural choice for brands looking to reach audiences on BVOD but also a better destination and experience for audiences. The end result is a more engaged audience, delivering better results against the marketing outcomes we know are most important to you.”

Mr Burnette concluded:

“ In 2021 and beyond, our objective is to continually deliver the most positively disruptive schedule of fresh and engaging content, providing the very best experience for our audiences and partners.”


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