New ABC docuseries OUTBACK RINGER enters the world of Australias Feral Bull Catchers this week

Produced by the creator of the hit series Bondi Rescue, the gripping 10-part series Outback Ringer tracks the highs and lows of four teams of ‘ringers’, Feral bull catchers.

Liz and Willy Cook are a husband and wife team, Kurt Hammer is a master bull catcher worth around 40 million dollars, young gun Lach McClymont is looking to make his mark and Indigenous Australian Clary Shadforth is a 3’d generation bull catcher training up his 17-year-old son Francis.

Bull catching is big business, with some 300 thousand feral bulls and buffalo wandering Australia’s outback unclaimed. If caught, these animals are worth up to a staggering 150 million dollars.

Each year, the Ringers strike a deal with the top-end landowners – in exchange for access to their land, they’ll share the profits from selling the animals.

But it’s not easy work – these animals have never seen humans and will try anything to avoid capture. In extreme isolation, the Ringers accept they can be gored by bulls or killed in vehicle or chopper accidents.

In a high stakes world of boom or bust, they drive modified Mad Max style 4WDs at breakneck speeds as they seek their fortunes.

In the first episode, Liz and Wille Cook begin their first feral bull catching muster of the season at Lorelle Springs. Their goal this season is to pay down a $300k debt. When Liz chases an aggressive bull, the roles are reversed as she becomes the one that’s being hunted. In the high-stress situation the Cooks face-off in an argument.

Lach McClymont and his team take the brutal road to remote Nicholson. In the arid region, they must tap an old bore to provide water for themselves and their livestock.

Production credit: Outback Ringer is a Ronde Production for the ABC. Principal production investment from Screen Australia in association with the ABC. Financed with support from Screen NSW with Screen Territory. Executive Producer: Ben Davies (Ronde) ABC Manager of Documentaries: Stephen Oliver.

Outback Ringer Episode 1. Tuesday October 20 8.00pm on ABC & iview


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