7mate celebrates its 10th anniversary with a new Monday comedy block


7mate has announced that in celebration of its 10 year anniversary, they are kicking off an hour of local comedy power on Monday October 26 (who doesn’t need a good laugh this year!!).

Paul Fenech’s Housos 2020  will air at 8.30pm and brand new adult animation Regular Old Bogan will follow at 9pm.

We have been talking about story ideas for these shows and a few topics we have been discussing are:

  • Homegrown Aussie talent – is Pauly Fenech the most underappreciated creative genius in Australia… he may be best known for his politically incorrect humour but with over 20 years in the Aussie comedy scene, what’s the reason for his longevity and success? He can also discuss his experience collaborating, writing and producing on Housos 2020 and Fat Pizza . FYI – Housos was one of the only shows that filmed throughout the height of the virus lockdown period due to an incredibly committed team who have worked together for more than 15 years!
  • The changing face of Australian comedy over the last few years
  • For ROB, the creators Mark and Seb literally made the show in lockdown in their homes in Victoria – how have creatives managed and been malleable to change throughout this crazy year? What is inspiring them and is it difficult to create with restrictions etc.
  • Is Housos/ROB the most offensive show on telly?
  • Has political correctness gone too far? (Do we take ourselves too seriously?)

Paul Fenech – Director, writer, producer, comedy actor Housos 2020

After a brief career as an amateur boxer and stint in the Australian army, filmmaker and comedian Paul Fenech first found fame by winning third place in Sydney’s annual Tropfest short film festival in 1995 for a biographical short entitled Pizza Man, based on his experiences as a pizza delivery driver. 

Five years later, he produced Pizza, a sitcom based on his winning short, which ran for five seasons from 2000 to 2007. Fat Pizza, a full-length movie based on the series, was released in 2003. 

He’s also behind the sitcom Swift and Shift Couriers, which ran for two seasons as well as Housos, which premiered in 2011 and spawned two more movies: Housos vs. Authority (2012) and the cross-over comedy Fat Pizza vs. Housos (2014). Housos scored the Logie Award for Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program in 2014, the same year Paul released Bogan Hunters on 7mate, securing the channel’s highest ratings for a non-sport program in 2014. In 2019, Paul had a another 7mate hit on his hands with Fat Pizza Back in Business, the highest rating program on the channel in 2019.


Mark is a founder of Stepmates Studios and is the co-creator, co-writer, series producer, and lead voice actor for Regular Old Bogan. He is a former lawyer that only lasted a total of six weeks in professional practice before he started daydreaming about jumping out of the window. Opting for the front door – rather than the thirtieth floor – he turned to more creative pursuits and had a crack at acting. You may have seen his performances for television , commercials, web series, or feature films including the box office flop Spin Out which earned the “fourth worst film of the year” in 2016. Most likely, you would have seen him doing what all great actors do: other jobs. After a brief stint as an Uber driver, Mark decided to not put his parents through any more disappointment and took on a role in digital advertising where he would come to be creative director. At the same time, he founded Stepmates Studios along with his mate Sebastian, and they quickly developed a loyal online audience. In 2019, they somehow managed to suck in the folks at Seven to commission the first series of Regular Old Bogan, which allowed Mark to finally consolidate the diverse set of skills he’d acquired in the creative and professional industries. Don’t let the top knot fool you though… he’s definitely balding.


Seb is a founder of Stepmates Studios and is the co-creator, co-writer, director, and animator for Regular Old Bogan. Born and raised in rural Victoria, Seb moved to Melbourne to study filmmaking. After dropping out at the end of the first year, he did what any aspiring director would do — and learned how to make a cup of coffee. While honing his latte art, he met Mark Nicholson, and the two collaborated on a number of short films, which formed the beginnings of Stepmates. Seb continued to work cafes but sharpened his skills after hours, releasing content and building an online audience — until he lost his camera. Without anything to shoot on, and not enough money to buy a new one, he taught himself how to animate. After two years locked away in his bedroom, he emerged to release his animation debut Fighting ISIS! — a fifty minute web-series which would later become the grounds for Regular Old Bogan. Since hanging up the steam wand, Seb has become an experienced filmmaker across all facets of the production schedule — from storyboards to postproduction — with a diverse body of work across television, advertising, and online video. He’s also open to doing cashies on weekends.

It’s taken a global meltdown to create the most bonkers adults only Aussie comedy hour of all time!


COVID-19 has met its match. The beer drinking, bong smoking, burnout loving housos of Sunnyvale are back, and they are in lockdown.
All the favourites return including Franky (Pauly Fenech), Shazza (Elle Dawe), Kev the Kiwi (Kev Taumtata), the chick with the bestest backside in Sunnyvale, Vanessa (Vanessa Davis) and many more familiar Sunnyvale faces.
When the virus restrictions come in, the housos do all they can to break the rules.


Regular Old Bogan is a knee-slapping, irreverent, satirical comedy with a big heart and even bigger b*lls — revolving around the adventures of a typical family from the outer suburbs.

Meet the Stubbs family: Dad Gavin is a stubborn and misinformed tradesman; his wife Wendy is an overbearing stay-at-home mother; Toby is their often bullied, hypersensitive teenage son; and Mary Sue is their foul-mouthed, eight-year-old daughter.

In each episode the Stubbs are thrown into outrageous situations — from outback serial killers to baby stealin’ dingoes. Our heroes find themselves in Hollywood style action films when they’d much rather be at home firing up a few snags on the barbie.

Originating from an award winning web series — Regular Old Bogan is bound to get your belly laughing, heart pumping, and eyes bulging.

Regular Old Bogan is a homemade show — literally. Stepmates Studioswrite, voice and animate each episode in a makeshift studio in their back shed. 

Housos – Monday 26th October at 8:30pm on 7mate

Regular Old Bogan – Monday 26th October at 9pm on 7mate




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