Even Aussie heroes cannot be saved from the Channel 10 axe as FAMILY FEUD is pulled from the schedule


Channel 10 has pulled Family Feud from the schedule with three episodes left in the can.

The new set of prime time specials were designed to showcase, support and highlight Aussie heroes in our community during the pandemic crisis, however sub 300k viewers in metropolitan ratings have led 10 to yank the show in favour of special event programming featuring Donald Trump and Prince William.

In most game show contracts there is a clause that an individual or family are not paid the ‘winnings’ until and if the show actually airs. TV Blackbox is not aware on whether the show’s participants have been paid out their winnings for the three episodes that have not aired.

This is not the first time 10 has done this with a Grant Denyer led series. His previous show Celebrity Name Game has several weeks of episodes in the can that have not aired, potentially leaving many Australians without winnings they earned on the show.

This is a case where networks choose between airing an episode, where production costs have already been incurred or saving money on not paying out contestants winnings by not airing the show.

Just this week it was reported by The Australian that Nine had chosen to pay contestants of Millionaire Hot Seat their winnings even though the episode had not been recorded. The entire episode had to be reshot, giving contestants the chance at two bites of the cherry.

10 has been quick to pull shows from the network with unaired episodes of Family Feud, Celebrity Name Game, Changing Rooms and The Children’s Hospital all sitting on the shelf. 10 Peach has pulled Nancy Drew and Charmed with no future return set and The Neighbourhood, Man with a Plan, #Dating No Filter and Mom (latest seasons) are collecting dust. A Million Little Things made an appearance on 10, switched to 10 All Access and has never been seen again. LA’s Finest and In the Dark have episodes to screen also.

10 was contacted by TV Blackbox for comment.

Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is currently the Broadcast Guide Editor and a podcast contributor for TV Blackbox. An experienced media writer, his work has appeared on sites including TV Central and Mumbrella since 2009. For all media enquiries please call 0400-218-566


  1. How about a uk or usa version of family feud i cant stand grant denyer. I dont know how people can stand to watch him.

  2. I don’t like Eddie who hosts million hotseat at all and I have never ever like the show so get rid of it and put something else on instead

  3. I think it’s time we see something different we hve Netflix and Stan to watch now we very rarely watch 9 7 10 sick to death with the boring shows

  4. Bring Grant back on family feud you are crazy you are crazy to axe this show it is a favourite of my age group late 60,s

  5. About time u woke upto Denyer, never been any good at anything. Rather watch paint dry.

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