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Ben, Rob & Robbo celebrate 100 episodes

The Ben Rob and Robbo Show (image - BRR)
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They said we’d never make it – but considering we’re on the internet and no-one can stop us, it’s probably not that surprising The Ben, Rob & Robbo Internet Show has been able to notch up 100 episodes.

In that time we’ve had some of Australia’s biggest names (Kyle Sandilands, Ita Buttrose, Dave Hughes, Peter Overton, Jessica Rowe, Cam Scott, Julia Morris, and Grant Denyer to name just a few), some controversial moments (hello Pete Evans) and plenty of laughs.

But tomorrow something a little different as we celebrate a century: we’re dedicating this one to the fans. We’ll meet some of our biggest supporters who have become part of the BRR community.

And we’ll do something very different (but very us) as we invite our very own producer Abbey to share her views on our hot button issues.

Considering she always argues with us after the show, we thought we might as well do it on air!

And our 100th episode just happens to fall on Tipsy Thursday, so who knows how this one will end!

The show has evolved over 100 episodes and we’d like to thank all of our supporters for showing faith in what we do. Thanks to all the fans, the publicists and the people who’ve come on the show.

Below is a snapshot of just some of the famous faces who have joined us;

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Internet Show is the home of serious news, engaging views and entertainment too… with plenty of laughs.

The easiest way to watch is by going to TickerTV or following our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/BRRshow/

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show brings media executive Rob McKnight plus Big Brother winner Ben Norris and much-loved journalist David “Robbo” Robinson together for a daily, Australia-centric show that can be viewed around the world.

As Phillip Grieshaber described the show on twitter: “It has the same fun element that the original Mike Walsh show had on 10 in the early ‘70s.”

Streaming live at 1pm AEST Monday to Thursday on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, this original production also airs on Ticker TV, Australia’s premiere streaming news service.

For more information go to: tvblackbox.com.au/brr

Follow us on twitter at @BRRshow and on Facebook at @BRRshow

The 100th episode airs Thursday 8 October 2020 at 1pm AEDT

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  1. Its not only 100 BRR shows but the 21 eye on big brother shows that have entertained us all year.
    I was an early adopter to the show looking for work lunchtime entertainment live to cover news
    and entertainment, just like Mike Walsh did 50 years ago. Lots of good guests, good regulars, lots of gossip,
    fast paced, never boring, Mrs Robinson pops in, Bruno from another planet, sam, molk and jo. Its masterfully presented
    and yet the technical fluff ups add to the fun. I am watching for the one BRR scoop that mainstream media has to relay to their
    audience but they won’t dare as 7, 9 and 10 hope you don’t actually exist and that makes watching BRR even more exclusive and enjoyable.


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