KAYO drops SKY NEWS from channel line-up


News Corp owned; sport streaming service Kayo has ended an agreement to carry Sky News on its platform.

Sky News was added to Kayo in March to help keep customers engaged with the service during the COVID-19 lockdown when the majority of the world’s sporting contests were forced to suspend play.

A spokesperson for Foxtel confirmed the channel has now been removed telling TV Blackbox that Sky News had been;

“added to provide additional content to Kayo customers when there was no live sport. It’s now been removed.”

While Kayo suffered an understandable drop in subscribers during the sport shut down, since the resumption the streamer has experienced a rapid rise. Kayo recently reported it had increased its paid subscriber base to just over 600,000 customers in September.

Kevin Perry
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  1. Let’s see how may subscribers Kayo will have after the end of this month when both the AFL & NRL finals finish.
    I for one will be cancelling my subscription and renew it again come the start of the AFL season next year.

  2. Disappointed that Sky News no longer on Kayo. It was one of the reasons I subscribed.
    Will be reconsidering as finals and state of origin all on free to air now.

  3. I am really pissed off that Kayo has dropped Sky News, it was my favorite go to channel.
    I went to tune into Alan Jones just a few mins ago, and the channel wasn’t there anymore.
    I will be seriously reconsidering my subscription now.

  4. Yeh I’m also disappointed about sky news being taken off Kayo, I stumbled on it when there was limited sport on and I found it is a refreshing change of pace from mainstream media.

  5. Very disappointed that Sky News has been removed from Kayo without any notice, why remove it one of the reasons I paid for the service,will be seriously considering cancelling my subscription,

  6. Im dissapointed that sky news has been dropped off.
    It made up for the crappy stuff on there that doesnt get updated.
    Should have left it on will, also be dropping off after the afl finishes.

  7. I will be cancelling my Kayo subscription now that Sky News is not available. Once NRL and AFL footy season is over I have nothing of interest in Kayo without Sky News

  8. What a rubbish decision that was, there is still stuff all sport on and I predominantly watch sky news to get an opinion from the ‘other side’ of mainstream TV and ABC

  9. I will not be renewing my subscription if Sky news is not available. Very disappointed, we were enjoying the sport and Sky news, but not worth it if only sports. Please Kayo bring back Sky

  10. Very disappointed that Sky News has been removed from Kayo without any notice, why remove it one of the reasons I paid for the service,will be seriously considering cancelling my subscription,

  11. Judging by the comments this isn’t a popular move. I’ve also enjoyed having sky news and it was pretty average to cancel it without notice. You’ve lost me.

  12. I’m another person who is thinking of cancelling subscription after the finals. Sky News is very important. The broadcasters on Sky News says what HAS to be heard. They’re not one sided due to policies. Unlike the free TV channels, where THEY HAVE to watch out for what they say. Please bring Sky News back. You will lose alot of money and subscribers.

  13. Typical of the stupidity that passes for management at Foxtel. Canceling a popular part of the Kayo package during a time when viewers can watch their finals footy on free to air, and without notice. I will be canceling Kayo too.

  14. Poor decision to remove sky news and also unfair. They need to explain why this has happened and offer some alternative to view it as I can only see it is available on Foxtel or regional TV. I signed up with Kayo offering this news service so why remove it?

  15. Dropping Sky and now I can’t even watch Kayo on my 4 Foxtel now boxes because that is ending too? And right before finals weekend? You could have waited a few more weeks? Certainly good motivation to drop subscription after Bathurst and and Footy finals. Has someone from the Foxtel team started managing Kayo. Kayo, you used to be cool.

  16. I left Foxtel Platinum because I could no longer support the constant Climate Change deniers on Sky after dark, and then you dropped it into Kayo….a sports channel. Where is it going to now? Kids TV?


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