Netflix launches first Aussie podcast, THE BIG FILM BUFFET

The Big Film Buffet is a new Netflix Australia podcast plating up a three-course feast of your favourite (and next favourite) movies. 

The Big Film Buffet (image – Netflix)

Join Susie Youssef and Alexei Toliopoulos every Tuesday for a new tasty treat — of films. We can’t stress this enough: this is a podcast about movies, not food. Each week, Susie and Alexei will serve up a premiere pick direct from Netflix, a classic film from the same genre, and a personalised recommendation for something a little extra.

In the first episode of The Big Film Buffet – available now on Spotify and everywhere else you get your podcasts – Susie and Alexei are serving up a family-friendly feast of movies including ‘Enola Holmes’, ‘Matilda’ and ‘Looking for Alibrandi’.

Susie Youssef:

“If you’re anything like me, deciding what to watch is a regular struggle so hopefully we’ll help you with a bunch of recommendations to add to that list in the notes section of your phone that you keep forgetting to look at.” 

Alexei Toliopoulos:

“Listening to Susie and me on Netflix’s new podcast “The Big Film Buffet” will be just like meeting two new friends you can finally talk to about that movie you just watched on Netflix.” 

“I’m excited to guide you to cinematic discoveries and special hidden gems because it’s probably the entire reason I even exist on Earth – and once we’ve connected everyone on this planet with their special movie, I will ascend to the next plane of existence… and wherever that is, I hope they have movies there too.”

Meet the hosts:

Susie Youssef: Susie Youssef is a comedian, actor, writer and improviser. She has written, performed and produced comedy for stage, radio and television in Australia and around the world. Susie is a regular co-host and correspondent on Network TEN’s The Project.

Alexei Toliopoulos: Alexei Toliopoulos is a comedian, filmmaker, writer and podcaster with an unmatched knowledge of popular culture. Besides live comedy and his beloved podcasts, Alexei also regularly appears as a film critic on ABC TV’s The Mix and works as a 1st assistant director, producer and writer for many comedy projects and tv shows. Along with Cameron James, he presents the Mike Check and Total Reboot podcasts.


Each episode of The Big Film Buffet is hosted and written by Alexei Toliopoulos and Susie Youssef. The series is produced by the Netflix editorial team at Junkee Media, in partnership with Three Five Films’ Anu Hasbold and Joe Hamilton on the audio production.

Aaron Ryan
Aaron Ryan is currently the Broadcast Guide Editor and a News Contributor for TV Blackbox. An experienced media writer, his work has appeared on sites including TV Central and Mumbrella since 2009. Aaron can be heard weekly on Gold and Power FM | Call/Text - 0400 218 566

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