STUDIO 10 deletes hundreds of social media comments after viewer backlash


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The revamped version of 10’s morning show has upset viewers so much Channel 10 has decided to disable comments on Instagram posts and deleted hundreds of comments from FaceBook

Some of the deleted comments from Studio 10’s facebook page

If social media is any indication of the way viewers of Studio 10 are feeling today, then the revised show can only be summed up in one word…


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The new format hosted by Sarah Harris and newcomer Tristan MacManus did not appear to resonate with loyal viewers, who quickly took to social media to express their displeasure.

Producers, eager to downplay any negativity, quickly set about deleting comments from social media.

The comments TV Blackbox noticed had been deleted were not offensive, only negative towards the changes. At the time of writing a Facebook post touting a brand new day had 559 comments, but only 318 of those comments can be seen.

Producers made the decision to disable comments altogether on the shows Instagram account after a barrage of complaints about the new format, which is now similar to its rivals The Morning Show and Today Extra, but with much less content.

Studio 10 instagram post with comments disabled
Studio 10 instagram post with comments enabled

The show struggled to fill its 4-hour runtime as it avoided any news based hot topics in an attempt to rebrand as advertiser-friendly environment with no controversy.

TV Blackbox previously revealed Kerri-Anne Kennerly was paid out in order to avoid ongoing headlines due to her comments.

‘Chat’ topics focused on celebrity and lighter content.

Channel 10 has been approached and asked why the comments were deleted and whether they were happy with today’s show, but have failed to respond.

*Rob McKnight is the former executive producer of Studio 10

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Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight
"Leading TV commentator" - The Daily Telegraph | "Known for his impeccable sources in the TV industry" - The Daily Mail | "Always first with the correct info" - Beau Ryan | Robert McKnight is a highly regarded Australian Television Producer having worked at SEVEN, NINE and TEN during his 25 years in the industry. Publicly he is most well-known for creating and producing STUDIO 10 but has worked on SUNRISE, THE MORNING SHOW plus other prime time productions in addition to creating award-winning news campaigns for both 7NEWS and 9NEWS. Currently, Rob is the host and producer of the TV BLACKBOX, MCKNIGHT TONIGHT and MONSTERS WHO MURDER podcast, and executive producer of AFTERNOONS WITH SOFIE FORMICA on radio station 4BC



  1. … you have to wonder why broadcast outfits bother with Facebook when they insist on blocking, deleting or hiding comments that they don’t agree with … the various ABC sites are the worst with seemingly no management control or policy about who deletes what … there was even an ABC News story on a demonstration by a mob calling themselves “extinction rebellion” a while back that hid comments opposed to it and then used the numbers approving it as evidence that they “pretty much split opinions down the middle” … that’s tantamount to “fake news” …

  2. I have been an avid fan for 7 years, put my girlfriends onto watching and today was so disgusting, Sarah, don’t know what she was thinking when trying to make Tristan welcome and it did not work it felt like she was flirting and I bet it is new management. I couid not believe how long they kept Tristan’s parents on the line and then all that with his wife and kids. Channel 10 should not have had to do all that if he had any substance and they know he didn’t. I requested that 10 put him on as a guest to see if the audience like him, well that didn’t happen. Also since it has been announced that Dancing with the Stars has been cancelled, I am wondering if he was on contact and they had to keep him instead of paying him out. I was so disappointed with today’s show and losing Joe and Kerry Anne and not talking about what is happening in Australia today was so up setting . Missed Joe and his knowledge.! I will watch tomorrow and I hope it is better. Also Angela is very knowledgeable. I CAN SEE IT BEING AXED. I AM SO SAD!! What a wonderful 7 years we have had with Ita and Jess and of course Denise.

  3. Honestly I struggle to believe that Studio 10 execs could be SO cliched! Really.. another outsourced migrant with an Irish accent & the same amount of talent & intellect as a Magic Mike background extra. Nice guy for a 10 second ad! Suddenly it feels cheap and tacky and the homegrown talent we all love and respect appears dumped and forgotten like day old bread. Disappointing ?

  4. If we wanted this new format we would have tuned into one of the other networks to watch their versions, I love having differing opinions, it is so boring when everyone agrees and I am afraid that expressing an opinion these days is avery devisive. We are not sheep. Miss you Kak and Joe.

  5. I think it was a great firmat as it was and grearcsussie talent like Joe, Denise and KK, with sarah as the linchpin. Good honest opposing comments

  6. I all so agree with everything that was said ,loved the show ? the old saying is, if it is not broken why fix it ,you have made a big mistake by changing the show ?

  7. Very disappointed why fix something that wasn’t broken bring back Joe & Natasha Belling Kristen & Heralds have no personality or humor what so ever.

  8. I tuned in yesterday, and it was embarrassment to watch. You got rid of KAK who was an intelligent informed and a brightspark on your past team. Channel 10 has turned into a political correct media, You are gutless. Brickbats to CBS your new owners.

  9. Disappointed with channel 10, i watched 10 since 2013 when it started, dont understand why you got rid of good people and brought in boring kristen with no personality. I wont be watching studio 10 anymore. ?

  10. Honestly when Ita and then Jess were gone I felt so sad. But I continued watching and was happy with Joe n Kak but not 100%. Yesterday, I cringed watching Channel 10. Sorry bring back Ita, as guest and Jess and Kak and Joe otherwise goodbye I’m not watching anymore.

  11. Don’t care about KK but have the guts to have an opinion on current affairs. A sellout to high bollard media. Why get rid of one male only to replace him with another. Wasn’t a fan of Joe’s but at least he had an opinion and you could understand him. Weak as p#@s channel 10.

  12. …..and they continue to delete many comments on Facebook in close to real time. Kind of sad that with so many talented people (on and off camera) right around the country losing their jobs, Channel 10 have the manpower to find someone to edit online content.

    To any of the professionals that formerly worked at 10, you must have fixed feelings (and just a hint of guilty pleasure) in seeing the disaster that is now Studio 10 and the disjointed, cold 10 News First that went to air yesterday. After all, its obvious they are struggling badly without your decades of skill, hard work and experience.

    The opening story on Studio 10 was about a young girl that wears a chicken on her head.

    One good thing about the changes to Studio 10. Sarah and Ange are not having to spend a large chunk of the show “teasing” about what is coming up soon. This must be because there is no content to tease!

  13. Always said I enjoyed Studio 10 because it was balanced and recommended to friends. Now it is infomercials and trivia. Yawn. Since when does everyone have to agree and not listen to both sides. Won’t be watching to see the adds so that is a bonus.

  14. Why do they think that people watching that time slot want lighter, or celebrity based topics? I’m on maternity leave for 12 months, but just because I’m at home during the day doesn’t mean I don’t want to use my brain. I want to hear about the news, I want it delivered by people who have opinions, by seasoned journalists who can break down what’s happening and explain them for everyone to understand. What Studio 10 had with Joe, Sarah, Natarsha and Ange was different to every other daytime news program, it was warm, it was informative, it helped keep by brain active and it is a huge mistake to remove Joe. And it is a huge PR/social media no no to delete comments because you don’t like them. You don’t have a social media account if you’re not prepared to hear the feedback, good or bad.

  15. Studio 10 what a disaster whoever thought that the current format was going to work. The panelists input and opinions was always interesting and refreshing. The same now as the other channels boring. A little of the Irish is enough but not the whole show. Sorry channel 10 not good enough. Bring back Joe and Angela.

  16. A bi-polar man in Melbourne, who had gone to hospital to seek help for a medical episode, had his head stomped on by Victoria Police. Now right or wrong, there will be a thousand different sides to that story that I want to hear. But instead Studio 10 opened with a story about a toddler who puts a chicken on her head. What the hell are they thinking?

  17. Why why did they have to change what was such a good format. Enjoyed differences of opinions and the great intellect of Joe, Kerry and Ángela. There is no substance now.

  18. What is there to say? We all had our favorites and our dislikes, but we still kept watching. I stopped after the first half hour on Monday. I am now back to 7 with Larry and Kylie. I can’t see it lasting. Sad for Sarah.

  19. Sarah is a young Mother with children. Looks like the producers are trying to sex up her image to fit in with Tristan. Ick !! A fan of this show since it started. Bring back Joe, Jess and Ita !!

  20. When I reflect on the history of Studio 10, it progressed to an interesting and vibrant morning show that offered a refresshing choice of morning television. However, their downward spiral began when Jess and Ita left. Then they dumped the effervescent David Robinson, allowed Joe to make inappropriate comments spoiling his intelligent analyses of current politics and current events. Now, they’ve dropped more their warm presenters. It’s a slide into poorer television viewing. It’s not the fault of Tristan McManus, but the decisions of the network. Im over it now.

  21. You’ve lost me…loved Joe and the rapport he had with the others Tristan and Sarah do not work…boring …wont be watching anymore..

  22. I don’t like the format now. Angela needs to be included instead of standing to the side hoping to be asked for her input. It was always good to get opinions from her and Joe, even when they differed, at least it was a friendly “chat”. You need to have more content than two people sitting chatting. Certainly miss Tarsh and Joe. Please give us something to justify watching. Welcome Tristian, hope the powers that be listen to the feedback and get back to the stuff we enjoy watching.

  23. Oh my lordy lordy!!! After reading all those comments, you have all summed it up!!! What a disaster!!! I used to watch DVDs before I found studio 10…back to the DVDs!!! Sorry guys…it’s really, really bad!!! What the??? I was gonna give it a week, still will, but then back to the library to get my stash!!! What a waste of great talent…instead we are gonna have “reality tv stars” to take the place of kerrianne and Joe and Natarsha??!!! What a waste studio 10…

  24. Me too, Joe was the most intelligent and funniest star of studio 10, the rest I wouldn’t be bothered to waste my valuable time on. Sorry, but you’ve shot yourselves in the foot. ?

  25. Joe was studio 10. The others are ok. Now channel 9 is looking good.bye bye channel 10 and its yankee owners….

  26. Sorry but Iam not watching any more loved dinise drysedale but even she has been given a new role
    That does not do her bubbly self justice hope some start a new show between with another channel I shall be waiting for that JK

  27. Really sad that the wealth of Australian experience was shafted for an Irish nobody. Joe understood our land and shared our lifestyles so his opinion reflected our thoughts. Kak had years of experience in the Australian entertainment industry and she too shared our thoughts. I can’t understand that a young Irish dancer could come close to me or my middle class Aussie values. I represent the viewer but I won’t continue to be a view and I’m sad!

  28. Absolutely agree Lynne, thoroughly enjoyed Kak, she has the same opinions as a lot of mature and experienced women. I am fed up with all the bleeding heart comments by some of the panel. If you don’t like making what is essentially a light current affairs programme and hearing the truth, you have lost a devoted viewer. Do you really think that your viewers are so unintelligent that they can’t cope with anything more than the new fluff that you are serving up!!!!???

  29. Poor tristan looks like a fish out of water. Sits there smiling like a stunned mullet. Tries occasionly to have some input, but looks as though he would rather be some where else. I don’t know what he is being payed. What ever it is its too much. He doesn’t make a co host shoe surprised if he lasts the week

  30. Sorry to see KAK go but happy to see the end of Mr. UMM, namely Joe, so frustrating alis Mr. UMM, UMM, surprised he has never been asked to speak properly!!!

  31. Biggest mistake ever Joe had great knowledge, KK was controversial but that’s good, she wasn’t politically correct, Tarsha was brilliant and funny, Neralda is boring and talks in circles and where is Craig? his sense of humor made your day, Tristan just looks lost and uncomfortable. I’m now back with 7 after years of Studio 10

  32. DISASTER!! Poor Sarah trying to keep the conversation going with Tristan. He looks so awkward! Why did Tash go? Personality has left the show. So so disappointed. I’m not watching anymore.

  33. Well, all i can say is, very disapointed with this change. I was a total studio10 fan before this but now wont be watching anymore.

  34. What do you expect when an American company buys out an Australian business, every body wants to be like America etc as they’re the most “powerful country ” in the world, well they’re not. Their president is a narcissistic pig, he’s the 2nd half of the jaffa brothers as in one is Brown n one is orange but they both do the same thing….. Get rid of America from our country

  35. Unfortunately Sarah & Tristan looked very stilted & uncomfortable…bring back the DESK..I’m sure that will make them look better. What has happened to Craig Bennett? The fun part of the show has gone flat. Doesnt hold my interest now. The banter amongst the last group was very infectuous. Need Joe Hilderbrand back..he took the show to another level. Why break something when it didnt need fixing.

  36. Studio 10 is now broken bring back Joe ,Natasha, Angela, and Denise, not watching anymore boring

  37. This is definitely the end for this show. If they have any brains they’ll axe it and go with two new shows 7am – 9am & 9am – 12pm. Ten needs to invest in their morning programming and back it 100%

  38. I want Joe and Natasha Belling back. Sarah and Angela Bishop are great but it’s lost it’s spark. If Ch10 wanted to save some money get rid of The Project. Asnd that stupid jThe Mask Voice whatever it was called? Couldn’t stand it.
    You’ve list the best ch10.

  39. Ch10 the best is gone from Studio 10. Sarah & Angela are terrific.But letting Joe and Natasha Belling go with all their talent. I only hope another station offers them a position. Why don’t you get rid of The Project to save money? They’re too busy laughing at themselves.

  40. Very sad to see Joe KK n Tarsh let go. I agree with with nearly everyone they held the show together along with Sarah after Ita left. Love love the originals that being also Craig Jono n Angela. You’ve lost me I’m back to watching 7 or 9 but unless you bring back the original host i see Studio 10 being scrapped

  41. Did not like the new format found it boring do turned it off and won’t be turning it back on. Big Sarah fan but even she looked like a fish out of water.☹️

  42. There is a reason the show was changed so drastically, it wasn’t rating and was utterly boring. It’s worse now, so don’t make it worse by bringing back the presenters who made it so bad. Denise Drysdale is too awful,Joe is a pain in the neck, KAK is too far up herself ,and Angela is bloody boring, but not always. Get Tarsh back pronto, keep Sarah, say goodbye to the smiling Irishman, and start again.definately not Denise Drysdale or KAK or Joe. There have been some very good guests, male and female on the show, how about some of them. It can be fixed.

  43. I watched the show this morning after reading all the comments, It was much better with everyone sitting around the table, because everyone had an input, but very boring and uninteresting, now, all the substance has gone. 3 1/2 hours of boring television. C,mon Producers get with the programme.

  44. So not watching Studio Ten ever again! Very disappointing! I would be better off watching cartoons with the kids than this boring stuff!

  45. The format is boring and too much like ch 7 the hosts dont look at comfortable sitting for 4 hours with your legs crossed trying not to show too much leg .

  46. Omg…Studio 10 is no longer.
    Bring them all back…Kerrianne…Joe…Angela…Tarsh…Craig.
    Like another person commented….if it’s not broken…don’t fix it….

  47. So boring, I watched it the first day but no more ,even Sarah, didn’t seem the same, and I like her very much, but no to channel 10

  48. I totally agree. Poor Tristan sits uncomfortably with his hands to the sides on the couch, looking like he wants to be anywhere but there.
    Please let him out of his misery and let him go.

  49. I feel so sorry for Tristan. He looks like he wants to be anywhere but there.
    Please put him out of his misery and let him go

  50. What’s wrong Michael you little snowflake didn’t you like Kerri Anne’s truth poor little Michael.

  51. I mean seriously what management team employees a man by the name of Tristan.

    I’m not watching the show solely on the basis of someone called Tristan! Seriously!! WTF!

  52. I agree. A very disappointing decision by channel 10. After being a loyal viewer for many years I will no longer be tuning i

  53. Very sad to watch this poor show that used to be very good, sarah you should change to 7 or 9 as you are to skilled to put up with this rubish show now

  54. Sarah Harris is awful she can’t pull a show together you need a tough man to keep it going that sports bloke today show sacked Tim he is made for telly Joe is over and Denise boring get some educated people these are all nu nuts shocking .

  55. At the end of the day . It came down to the dollars… have replaced experienced well educated people with less charm and spark.

    People want to hear their story’s from certain people…such as Natasha belling and Kak..
    They ask questions you want to know..
    This is the life of television….it’s so fickle…

  56. I just think it is sad, my mum and I watched it every morning but will have to find something else to watch now. My mum is sick and use to enjoy watching but no more.

  57. Missing KAK studio 10, her older and wiser opinions and experiences from showbiz days were fun. Unfortunately show runs to long therefore has a lot of stupid content. Tristan nice but 4 hours of the Irish accent to to much. Shows broken now, fix it quickly !!

  58. Bring back KAK, Joe and Natasha….keep Sarah and Angela, but boot Tristan. Just find it too difficult to understand his accent and he’s boring. You have ruined a perfectly good format. Why do you want to be like 7 and 9? We didn’t watch them and now won’t watch your Studio10 either.

  59. The old format was better but I like the new guy hes straight forward. They both Sarah and Tristan looked so uncomfortable on the couch Sarah’s skirt up around her neck . I like the newly. I didnt like kerry-anne. Hope it gets on track .goodluck

  60. Very sad to see good people go,Joe why why why did you go?
    Absolutely cant warm to Tristan and it is Super Boring now, i agree with all the comments here and will be flipping between 7 and 9 and a bit of 2 to avoid ads 🙂

  61. I watched as I was interested to see what the new format would be like? Interesting 🤔 I thought it was a little awkward for everybody, Sarah was a try hard trying to welcome a shy Tristan, who looked incredibly uncomfortable. By the end of the week I feel there may be some hope of glimmer for the future. The show surely will improve as confidence grows? I’m glad Joe has gone, not sure about KAK? But Tarsh should have stayed along with the table, then we don’t have to discuss that Tristan’s not wearing socks?
    Hopefully there’s a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow 🌈

  62. it made me want to be physically sick it is I’m sorry but the format is wrong I you got rid of Joe who had a brain and an opinion kerryanne the same thing eventually no one will watch that trash i

  63. Also not watching Studio 10 anymore. Joe Hildebrand was the voice of reason and moderation on current affairs and politics with a few witticisms thrown in. He made the show interesting. Not impressed with Narelda’s comment “defund the police if that is what it takes” – really!!

  64. If I wanted to watch the boring soft media drivell I would watch Karl. I would wait each morning until 8.30 am to turn on the tv to get the daily news from studio ten. The debates and well informed opinions were a must for my day. Now its 2 people on a couch. At least go back to the desk and pretend to look like journalists. I am so sorry for Sarah as she is great when challenged on issues. Now its soft media and not even a journalist males opinion anymore. Sorry Tristan you are pretty and a good dancer, just hard to understand.

  65. Joe and Angela are GOLD!! There is your team of two. Sarah and occasional others are carrying Tristan but it must be an effort for Sarah.

  66. I tried to watch the new show – very, very disappointing. The smart people are gone, Joe, KAK and Natasha. I cannot bare to watch ever again – Sarah was always boring but now she is much worse as there is no intellegent person to save her. I don’t know why channel 10 bothered to have a show now after it destroyed Studio 10. Never watching again!

  67. I loved the old Studio Ten, I didn’t want to miss a show..told my friends to watch. The connection the panel had was amazing,all honest comments and interesting just listening to there conversations.
    I.want Joe ,Kerry Anne and Natarsha to come back.
    Give Narelda the flick she is so boring.
    So disappointed , I watched the show from the beginning and loved it all,sad to say finished,can’t stand it any longer

  68. I also loved the show but unfortunately now I don’t. You got rid of the people that made it great. I’m not sure whether Joe was sacked or if he decided to leave and if it was the latter it was probably because of the new structure he knew wouldn’t work. Tarsh was a good news reader and fill in for Sarah but you kept Narelda who is nowhere near as entertaining and also a bit boring. As for getting rid of KAK, whether you liked her or not she was very good for the show. Also Denise and Angela are not on much now which is also disappointing. It’s very sad. Change is not always for the better. I don’t think Tristan is suited for the show and he always looks so uncomfortable particularly sitting on those terribly designed seats. I like him otherwise.

  69. Hi. I used to love studio 10 but now is not worth watching
    Sarah has got a bit high for her horse and while Tristan is FANTASTIC on Dancing With…..he is lost in this show. After all, he is a dancer! Bring back Kerry-Anne, Denise and the gorgeous Natasha and Jess and let’s have REAL discussion and viewer content. (If iit ain’t broke, don’t fix it! ) Also, why so many english doing the ads?

  70. They need to put on CBS content IE sports bring back ONE HD that’s what brings the $$$ in not talk shows with ad slots for oldies

  71. I only watch the show to see how bad it can actually get…and every day I’m reminded how horrible it really is…😱

  72. Loved the old format but time to move on, once i got his strong accent worked out IM JUST LOVING TRISTAN..I love his honest opinions without being judgemental, He is quite funny hes cool and he is casual and i have a great laugh…just loving it…GREAT MOVE CHANNEL 10…loosen up a bit Sarah…you go well together…

  73. Hi everyone. I would just like to say that I was one of the poorest unfortunate souls who had to watch morning TV due to a long health injury. It all started with Bert Newton and his long stint on morning TV on channel 10 with his – Good Morning Australia. To be honest, over time, I began to ‘get’ Newton’s quirky, playful and camp, comedic style. My appreciation for his eccentric approach might be related to the fact that in the 1960’s – Bert Newton was injected with LSD as part of a radical treatment for his mental breakdown. Such life experience would surely give him a more diverse perspective than other fellow presenters….But I digress…..My comments today are to applaud 10’s decision to finally ‘remove’ the “painful, idiotic, intelligence-lacking, talentless, cretinoids” – Joe Hildebrand & Kerri-Anne Kennerley. These creepily irritating ‘lust for fame’ individuals, obstinately bore a ‘gnashed hole’ through my neurons at the briefest glimpse. A form visual torture, these two embraced all that should be absent on Australian TV. Their banal banter was a reflection of the lowest execution of entertainment – for the proletariat. Who, IMHO, deserve better. Noting 10’s astronomical $ losses [no doubt associated with studio 10’s personality pay-check bill], Channel 10 recorded a $226m loss earlier this year [2020]. It seems like 10’s merging with its parent company – Viacom CBS, has indeed, done me, the world, and every thinking person, a great honour by permanently eliminating these two perforating puffs of cognitive pollution – aka – Joe Hildebrand & Kerri-Anne Kennerley. It is so rare to experience any wistful strategies undertaken by commercial TV these days….but in this case; a great service has been done to reaffirm viewer-faith in regards to morning TV. And for this – I whole-heartedly thank 10’s new administration.

  74. Tuned in to see if this morning show was getting any better. I switch it on to check it out probably a couple of times each week but find myself switching to another channel because its like the other morning shows now but not as good. I was hooked before and liked the panel format. Gosh Tristan comes across like the teacher of all that is right. His being righteous rather than give his true reactions to a ‘what would you do Tristan’ question. Bring back the panel format, include Angela in that panel and some of the regular guests like Jimmy Rees, Evie Jones. If Tristan is staying then put him in the panel where he is more likely to discuss different topics in a more relaxed way rather than come across as the judge on the show.

  75. Reading the previous comments has reinforced my belief that Studio 10 isn’t worth wasting my time on. I used to watch it most days and although Joe could be irritating it was hard to ignore his intelligence. The decision to bring Tristan onto the show was a big mistake. He may be an expert on dancing but he’s pretty ignorant on other subjects so what is he doing supposedly hosting a morning talk show. It’s pretty cringey to watch now so sorry Sarah and Ang Iv gotta change channels.

  76. Always looked forward on watching Studio 10 so different to all the other morning shows I have not watched it since the changes use to love all the different opinions of Joe KAK Denise Sarah Tarsh and Ange can’t believe the Idiots at Ten Axed so many Great people that certainly made the show. Bigger fools are you 10 I’m watching 7 thank goodness 7 as taken Tarsh What Idiots you are at 10 Good Look

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