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Home Podcasts Why did PLATE OF ORIGIN fail so hard? | TV Bingebox S01E26

Why did PLATE OF ORIGIN fail so hard? | TV Bingebox S01E26

PLATE OF ORIGIN (image - Seven)
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Look, we’ll be frank – when we picked this we thought it might be doing better than it has been.

Yet, true to our word, we’ve lined up and watched at least an episode so that we can speak with some authority on this televised car crash. Whose cuisine will reign supreme… or something?!

Join Jo, Dan, Brooky and Molk as we give you some great tips, hints on shows to watch and those to give a wide berth to as we land squarely in the TV Bingebox!

In this episode we cover off:

  • Our Clap or Slap shows (ones we’ve been loving and others we’ve had the misfortune to watch), including: Geordie Shore (MTV), Baewatch (Netflix), The Deceived (Stan), Line of Duty (Netflix/Stan/ Acorn TV), Bluff City Law (Nine), Love Fraud E02 (Stan), Raised by Wolves (HBO Max/FOX SHOWCASE), Hillary (SBS), Life Itself (Stan), The Accident (ABC), Silence Of The Lambs (Stan), Harry Potter (iTunes), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (ABC iview), RHOBH Reunion (HayU), The Bachelor Australia (10), The Salisbury Poisonings (SBS OnDemand);
  • It’s time to cast our eyes towards POO – sorry, PLATE OF ORIGIN (Seven) – and see if running it as this week’s #GroupBinge was a good idea; and
  • No surprises from Molk that this week’s #Rewind delivers a reality classic from the turn of the millennium that gave us not one but two media stars in THE MOLE AUSTRALIA (Youtube).

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