RECAP | Red Wiggle SIMON PRYCE exposed as a Puppet on The Masked Singer Australia


The curtain fell on Puppet last night, as our star from The Wiggles was dropped like a hot puppet-ato following his magnetic take on Ricky Martin’s Spanish hit Livin’ La Vida Loca.

Disguised beneath an oversized Puppet costume that induced Minogue meltdowns, children’s performer Simon Pryce lit up The Masked Singer Australia stage all the way to Finals Week, however last night the Big Red Car pulled up and it was finally time for Detective Dannii to learn that she had correctly identified her arch-nemesis.

Dave Hughes believed Puppet’s clues rang true for Australian singer Mark Holden, Jackie O placed a bet on music performer Anthony Warlow, and Urzila Carlson couldn’t look past Have You Been Paying Attention? host Tom Gleisner.

Affectionately coined the “walking babushka of joy” by Urzila Carlson, Simon Pryce busted out of Puppet to reveal he was wearing his iconic red skivvy as a nod to The Wiggles

When asked by host Osher Günsberg on how The Masked Singer Australia compares to The Wiggles, Pryce answered:

“The amount of songs we learn on The Wiggles is the equivalent to this, but these are probably a little trickier, and a few more words. I will never complain about wearing a skivvy ever again.” 

After a series of performances that left our guessing panel busting for more, it’s now time to mask some noise for Monday’s grand finale contenders – Frillneck, Bushranger and Queen.

Bringing hopeful optimism to 2020, Frillneck charmed the pants off our panel with Don’t Dream Its Over by Crowded House. 

Hughesy was having visions of Mad Max The Musical with Bushranger’s performance of Ariana Grande’s One Last Time.

To close out Finals Week, Queen firmed up her bid for the crowning glory with her electric rendition of Robyn’s Dancing On My Own.

Still itching for more? Is your head spinning from all the new clue drops? Join us tomorrow for a VIP backstage pass that will recap all the madness of season two on The Masked Singer Australia: Unmasked.

The Masked Singer Australia Continues Tuesday At 7.30pm On 10 And WIN Networks.




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