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Nickelodeon ventures into the Monsterverse in original animated series OLLIE”S PACK

Ollie's Pack (image - Nickelodeon)
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Ollie, his two best friends, and an otherworldly backpack, embark on monstrous adventures in Nickelodeon’s new original action-comedy series, Ollie’s Pack.

Ollie is faced with the struggles of tween life and the responsibility of controlling an entire dimension of monsters, when he discovers his backpack is a powerful portal to Monsterverse.

Together with Cleo and Bernie, the three friends must protect the earth from the horrifying monsters that have escaped, while calling on the more helpful monsters to help them with their everyday kid problems, including sneaking into movies and winning their school’s Battle of the Bands contest.

In the first episode, “The Chosen One…Stinks,” Ollie’s stinky sweat is a hot commodity in the Monsterverse so he exchanges it with a monster who offers to do his laundry.

Then in “Not Another Superhero Movie,” Ollie and his friends utilise a monster’s powers to make an epic superhero movie for their film club.

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The series stars James Hartnett (Cupcake & Dino) as Ollie, an ordinary, impulsive, and creative kid who has been given the status of ‘Chosen One’ and ‘Keeper of the Pack’, Ana Sani (Mysticons) as Cleo, the brave and adventurous comic relief, and David Berni (Rocket Monkeys) as Bernie, the nervy and logical voice of reason.

Along the way, audiences will be introduced to some larger than life monsters including Andre and Bev, a bounty hunting double act, Major Snooch, a high ranking official in the Ministry of Chosen One Affairs, and Rance, a weaselly petty thief in utter denial about his boldfaced stealing.

Ollie’s Pack premieres Monday, September 21, at 4pm (AEST) on Nickelodeon

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