RECAP | Checkmate! Locky Plays The Game Of Love with Double Elimination on THE BACHELOR AUSTRALIA

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelor Australia, a game of chess saw Gemma score some alone time with Locky.

Charley got down and dirty with Locky at the cocktail party, and Kristina and Rosemary were sent home at the rose ceremony.

Fresh from her solo date, the ladies quizzed Irena about her time with Locky. Not wanting to rub anyone the wrong way, a tight-lipped Irena was saved by the Bach himself, when Locky interrupted their conversation to announce a game of Compatibility Chess.

Stepping on to the life-sized chessboard, the ladies strategically made their moves, and answered questions to capture their king. Roxi was advancing quickly in the game, but was thwarted by a last-minute move from Gemma.

No stranger to a crown, the ex-beauty queen scored herself some one-on-one time with Locky. Although Locky was excited to find out more about Gemma, it became immediately obvious that there was no spark between them.
That night at the cocktail party, Charley decided to whisk Locky away for an intimate mud bath. While Locky enjoyed getting down and dirty with Charley, the bachelorettes watched on in horror, feeling that Charley’s surprise was inconsiderate and inappropriate for a cocktail party.

Locky Gilbert (image – 10)

Trying to make her own impression on Locky, Kaitlyn decided tonight was the night that she’d kiss her man. With her teeth brushed and mouth freshly rinsed, she pulled Locky away from Areeba, where they shared a quick kiss before re-entering the cocktail party.

While Kaitlyn was quite pleased with herself, the other bachelorettes, in particular Roxi, were not. With emotions and tempers flaring, Katilyn and Roxi erupted into a war of words.

At a tense rose ceremony, Kristina and Rosemary did not receive a rose, but before the ladies could rest on their petals, Osher arrived, declaring he had an important announcement.

Next week, the COVID pandemic arrives at the mansion, and an explosive cocktail party shakes the ladies to their core.

The Bachelor Australia continues Wednesday 2 September At 7.30pm on 10 And WIN Networks.


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