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‘He’s not my coach’ – NINJA WARRIOR champion OLIVIA VIVIAN hits out about BEN POLSON perception

Olivia Vivian (image - Nine)
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The fan favourite has taken issue with the idea her partner is coaching her through each obstacle course.

Ben Rob and Robbo Show (image – TV Blackbox)

She is the first female to make it through to stage 2 of the grand final of Nine’s Ninja Warrior, and today Olivia Vivian spoke to The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show about the mentality of the obstacle course, and her relationship with fellow contestant, Ben Polson.

When asked by Ben Norris whether it was a strange dynamic competing against her partner and coach, she was quick to clear up the popular misconception, and make it known that she is her own woman!

“It’s weird that people think he’s my coach. I know he says stuff to me when he’s on the sideline, but in all honesty I can’t hear a damn word he’s saying.”

The confusion was sparked over the use of the term on the show and Polson shouts encouragement throughout the course.

She spoke further about her gratitude for their dynamic, particularly when COVID-19 started, and the restrictions were ever-changing during the filming of the series.


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You can catch up on the show here, including our daily take of hot button topics.

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