RECAP | BACHELOR IN PARADISE says Farewell to the Friendship Rose

Tonight on Bachelor In Paradise, Jamie, Chris and Niranga learnt the hard way that the friendzone could get you sent home.

After receiving a date card, Niranga chose to take Brittney, who he wanted to explore a connection with. Not wanting to go on a friendship date, and take time away from Jackson who she actually liked, Brittney got emotional. Once he caught wind of Brittney’s feelings, Niranga agreed to take Cass – as friends.

They may have been twirling fire, but there was nothing sizzling between Cass and Niranga on their date. Meanwhile, Brittney was grateful for the extra time with Jackson, and even managed to score a kiss from her knight in shining pie- crust.

The next day on the water, Cass revealed she knew Brittney and Jackson shared a kiss. Brittney told Cass she was giving her rose to Jackson, and was relieved when Cass said she would give her rose to Scot.

Catching up on all the Paradise drama he’d missed after attending his best mates wedding, Timm was furious that Matt broke the bro-code by connecting with Renee, telling Ciarran that he would no longer be friends with Matt.

Meanwhile, Mary and Conor were making all the right moves when Mary gave him a private salsa lesson. Competing for the top couple goals billing, Alisha and Glenn enjoyed a bodypainting date. Alisha was moved by Glenn’s ability to open up and articulate his feelings, and even revealed he was helping mend her broken heart.

When Osher arrived to announce that night’s rose ceremony, some quick math showed three gentlemen could go home. With roses in short supply, the men were keen to make their move on an available bachelorette.

At the cocktail party, Brittney was shocked when Cass revealed she felt a spark with Jackson that she wanted to pursue. Pulling Brittney aside, Cass questioned whether Jackson felt the same way, and wanted to know if he had explicitly said he felt a connection with Brittney. Leaving the conversation, both ladies were adamant they would give their rose to Jackson.

At the rose ceremony, Cass beat Brittney to the punch, and gave Jackson her rose. Not wanting to lead Jaime down a friendship rose path, Brittney gave her rose to Scot. In the end, Chris, Niranga and Jaime did not receive a rose, and walked out of Paradise.

Next time in Paradise, things between Cass and Brittney get more complicated and a bro-code blowup becomes too much to handle.

The sun might set in Paradise, but the action is just hotting up. As our Bachelors and Bachelorettes retreat to their Cabanas, get a glimpse into the secrets and romance that you don’t get to see on the main show on Facebook Watch Exclusive: Bachelor in Paradise Drama Cabana.

Bachelor In Paradise – continues Sunday at 7.30pm, only on 10 and WIN Network.


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