New Zealand Twins join the adventure for new season of NAKED AND AFRAID

Spanning five continents and the most punishing environments to date, including shark-filled waters off of the Bermuda Triangle, snake-infested jungles in the Philippines and the frozen peaks of the American North

This season of Naked and Afraid takes survivalists to places their skills and willpower will be challenged more than ever.

In every location, food, water, shelter and yes, clothing, are nowhere in sight. It’s the ultimate test of human endurance where survivalists bring nothing and give everything to make it through to the end.

In the season premiere, the first ever sibling pairs enter the challenge and put their family ties to the ultimate test, including identical twin sisters Amber and Serena Shine from New Zealand.

Baring it all for the first time ever on Naked and Afraid, the Shine sisters along with two brothers take on a unique four-person, 21-day challenge. The siblings must survive the elements – and each other – as tensions run high and bonds are tested like never before.

Later this season, two fans face relentless insects and aggressive sharks during hurricane season in the Bahamas, superfans are dropped in the Amazon rainforest, relying only on the knowledge they’ve acquired from their couches to push through the torrential rain and extreme sleep deprivation, and strangers face aggressive hippos and charging elephants in one of the most dangerous African locations in the dead heat of summer.

Can these Naked and Afraid survivalists endure harsh elements, vicious predators and each other?

NAKED AND AFRAID – Australian Television Premiere
Sundays from 2 August at 8:30pm (AEST) on Discovery


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