Ratings finally revealed as BIG BROTHER delivers big results for Seven

Seven today confirmed the success of Big Brother across broadcast and BVOD with ratings data for the finale on Wednesday, 22 July and for the penultimate episode of Tuesday, 21 July now available.

The figures cement the huge growth in key demographics driven by Big Brother across all of Seven’s platforms.

Angus Ross, Seven’s Network Programming Director, said:

“We were confident that Big Brother would deliver massive audiences in the key demos, particularly 25-54s, and the ratings released today confirm it. Big Brother has shifted our audience, being instrumental to us winning all key demos the last seven weeks in a row. It’s also been the foundation of 7plus breaking records, now winning 15 weeks in a row as the top CFTA BVOD service. We’re just getting started and we’ve got plenty more wins to come.”


  • Big Brother: Winner Announced averaged 1.13m nationally, securing a commercial share of 36% for 25-54s and 36.1% for 16-39s in its timeslot.
  • Big Brother finale secured a commercial share of 32.3% for 25-54s and 31.1% for 16- 39s in its timeslot.
  • Episode 20 (Tuesday, 21 July) averaged 1.19m nationally, securing a commercial share of 35.3% for 25-54s and 33.4% for 16-39s in its timeslot.
  • Average year on year timeslot growth of 67% for 25-54s.
  • Average year on year timeslot growth of 88% for 16-39s.
  • 3.0m 25-54s reached nationally across the series.
  • 1.9m 16-39s reached nationally across the series.
  • Big Brother was Seven’s biggest entertainment show of 2020 so far.
  • Big Brother was Seven’s biggest stripped reality show in two years.
  • 2020’s season of Big Brother has grown its audience compared to the 2014 season and the 2008 season.
  • Big Brother is one of 2020’s biggest shows, beating out Australian Survivor, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!, Bachelor In Paradise and Dancing With The Stars for 25-54s, 16-39s and Total People.
  • Big Brother consistently beat The Voice in the key demographics of 25-54s and 16- 39s.
  • An average of 28% of Big Brother’s audience comes from time shift viewing and on-demand.


  • About 290 million minutes streamed on 7plus.
  • The top show on BVOD across its entire run with a series VPM of around 180k.
  • Launch episode was the biggest live-streamed entertainment show launch in CFTA BVOD history with a live VPM of 42.5k.
  • Big Brother routinely beat the combined live-streaming audiences of its prime time competition.
  • The strength of Big Brother saw 7plus routinely break its viewership records.

Source: OzTAM, Metro, RegionalTAM (Comb. Agg Markets). Big Brother Eps 1-21 (8/6-22/7/2020). Timeslot growth: average metro audience Big Brother timeslot vs same time last year on 7primary. Reach: Network National Reach Estimate based on Metro + Regional for minimum of 5 consecutive minutes of program viewed (includes Encores, Rpts). % uplift of Time Shift 7Days & On-Demand (7plus) on Overnight audience (Combined: Metro + Regional), Eps 1-21. Data: Cons7 prior L7D, Overnight L7D. OzTAM VPM, Total Streaming Minutes 8th June -22nd July, Live + VOD Big Brother (excludes Eye Spy), 7 DAY VPM.


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