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AIRDATE | New UK drama thriller WE HUNT TOGETHER

We Hunt Together (image - BBC)

This gritty cat-and-mouse thriller investigates the dangerous power of desire, combining stunning visuals with moral depth.

When Freddy, a troubled young woman, is nearly assaulted outside a nightclub, the toilet attendant steps in to help. Baba, a former child soldier, acts with swift, unstoppable brutality. She’s entranced.

The pair form an instant intoxicating connection. Something dark within both of them quickly emerges. Soon they set about exacting revenge on people from Freddy’s past – Baba’s skill for violence and Freddy’s tinge of psychopathy prove a lethal combination.

But they’re not the only ones on the hunt. Can dysfunctional detectives DI Mendy and DS Franks set aside their opposing views long enough to catch the deadly duo.

The series stars Eve Myles, Babou Ceesay, Hermione Corfield & Dipo Ola.

We Hunt Together will air Saturdays at 8.30pm from August 22 on BBC First


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