RECAP | Abbie and Janey the first to leave BACHELOR IN PARADISE


Tonight on Bachelor In Paradise, new arrival Jessica left the singles in a spin, Jamie got his Bachelor on, and promised off a dozen roses and everyone’s favorite Gemini, Abbie, and sweet Janey were sent packing.

After using her date card to spend some quality time with Ciarran, Abbie enjoyed a steamy date, and steamier kiss with her leading man by a waterfall. The date couldn’t have gone any better, and Abbie was confident in their connection.

Trust new arrival, Jessica, to shake things up! Rocking into Paradise, the tatted beauty was on the look out for Ciarran, who was still on his date with Abbie. Noting she wasn’t the typical girl next door, Jessica was ready to use her two secret weapons, her charisma and personality, to woo the boys.

With the first rose ceremony looming, and the boys holding the power, Jamie was quickly learning that with great power, comes great rose-ponsibility. Seeming to forget that he had a single rose to give, not a bouquet, Jamie promised roses left, right and centre.

A new day in Paradise brought a visit from Osher, who revealed that there would be a rose ceremony later that night, with two ladies set to leave. 

At the rose ceremony, Jamie followed through on his promise to Brittney. Abbie and Janey were left without a rose and sailed away from Paradise.

Next time on Bachelor In Paradise, Ciarran’s ex-girlfriend, Renee, arrives to set off a few truth bombs. And at the Bula Banquet, no questions are off limits as Ciarran is put in the firing line. 

To catch up on all the big Bachelor In Paradise moments each week, check out The Reality Bite: Cocktails and Roses podcast from 10 Speaks.

Bachelor In Paradise. Continues Tuesday, 21 July at 7.30pm




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