Meet the Contestants searching for Love in BACHELOR IN PARADISE 2020

Fresh-faced and full of hope, the fate of these singles is written in the white sandy shores of Fiji.

Returning for his second chance at love in the tropics is loveable bad boy Jake. Known for his roguish good looks and undeniable charm, he narrowly missed out on Bachelorette Georgia’s heart, before finding love with Megan on season one of Bachelor In Paradise.

Now single again, Jake is confident that love can blossom twice in Paradise.

Also on their tropical soulmate search, are Glenn and Niranga from Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia, and quirky children’s entertainer Janey, from Richie’s season of The Bachelor Australia.

Joining Jake, Glenn, Niranga and Janey in Paradise, are previously announced singles: Abbie, Brittany, Brittney, Cassandra, Ciarran, Helena, Jamie, Mary and Timm, as well as late arrival Keira.

Full cast details below.

All the cast of Bachelor in Paradise 2020 (image – 10)

Abbie, 24

Matt’s Season  (The Bachelor Australia Season Seven)

It’s hard to deny that Abbie was a force to be reckoned with on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor Australia. Despite ruffling a few feathers, her electric personality and open heart saw her fight her way to the finale. Although she was ultimately left heartbroken, this tenacious Gemini has a fire in her belly and is ready once again to put her heart on the line and find someone she genuinely connects with.

Brittany, 32

Nick’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Six)

Self-described “hurricane of a girl” Brittany risked it for the biscuit on Nick’s season of The Bachelor Australia, but in a shock finale, was left devastated alongside fellow bachelorette Sophie. “I like to take on opportunities when they present themselves. I think the best things can come when you are out of your comfort zone. I’m doing this again because I’m still single and need a holiday!”

Brittney, 26

Nick’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Six) and Bachelor In Paradise Australia Season Two

Spirited with a zest for life, Brittney is a character and a half, in the best way possible. Although she won Australia over with her spunky personality and out-of-the-box comments last season, the bubbly brunette struggled with Ivan’s blatant dismissal. Now, believing third time’s a charm, Brittney is back and ready to bring the party, hoping to meet a man who is ready to conga line his way through life with her and match her uninhibited energy!

Cassandra, 34

Matt’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Seven)

Having built herself up from the ground, Cassandra is as much of a go-getter as she is an old-school romantic. As we saw on Matt’s season of The Bachelor Australia, she knows exactly what she wants in a partner and is not looking for someone to complete her. Instead, she is entering Paradise hoping to find a caring, loving gentleman who is willing to grow in love and life alongside her.

Ciarran, 26

Angie’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Five)

In more ways than one, fashion-forward Ciarran bared it all on Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia, becoming an unexpected favourite when he stripped down to his birthday suit. With his emotional departure sending shockwaves across Australia, viewers were sympathetic that he was unable to further explore his connection with Angie. Now, returning with his brilliant British accent, candid banter and refreshingly earnest personality to Paradise, Ciarran is determined to give it his all.

Glenn, 32

Angie’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Five)

Glenn’s cool, calm and collected nature saw him struggle to let his personality shine through on Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia. Opting for a “why not?” approach towards life, Glenn is ready to give love another shot. Genuinely passionate about his local community he often spends his time volunteering at grassroot charities. Now entering Paradise, he is hoping to meet a girl who is confident in herself and equally fired up to make a positive change to the world, like he is.

Helena, 25

Matt’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Seven)

Helena’s tumultuous time on The Bachelor Australia saw her struggle to let her guard down and truly fall head over heels in love with Matt. As a “glass half empty” kind of girl, Helena is now pushing herself to take on Paradise with an open heart, hoping to find a man to make her outlook on life a little brighter and shinier. She doesn’t want to simply settle for the next best thing and is incredibly excited to see what Paradise will bring.

Jake, 33

Georgia’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Two) and Bachelor In Paradise Australia Season One

Once known as “the nice guy” on Georgia’s season of The Bachelorette Australia, his title was well and truly tainted following a rocky run on Bachelor In Paradise Australia where he was accused of being a ladies’ man. Jake knew that despite the backlash, the spark he felt with Megan Marx was truly one in a million. A single man once again, Jake returns to Paradise, confident that his cheeky smile will attract a girl who leaves him completely speechless.

Jamie, 40

Angie’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Five)

Jamie entered Angie’s season of The Bachelorette Australia guns blazing and laser-focused, with an unquenchable determination to be the final one standing at the very end. And although his heavy-handed approach may not have sat well with Angie, he has no regrets, believing that there was only good intention behind his actions. Now understanding that “love is something that evolves over time”, Jamie is determined to learn from his last run and enters Paradise looking for a slow burn with an adventurous girl who exudes confidence.

Janey, 30

Richie’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Four)

Fairytale-lover Janey entered Richie’s season of The Bachelor Australia hoping to find her very own prince charming. Although she did not get the happily-ever-after that she so hoped for, this quirky children’s entertainer continues to devote herself to spreading positivity wherever she can. Janey admits to completely following her heart when it comes to falling in love and is “excitedly optimistic” that she will get her true love’s kiss in Paradise.

Keira, 33

Richie’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Four), and Bachelor In Paradise Australia Season One

After an unlikely romance blossomed between herself and Jarrod Woodgate, Keira’s whirlwind romance unfortunately ended in heartbreak. She has now got her sights set on Paradise and is ready to move on with someone who can complement her big personality. Not one to bite her tongue, Keira’s candid comments often land her in hot water, but it is precisely because of her quick-witted ability to call a spade a spade that makes her so unpredictable.

Mary, 32

Matt’s Season (The Bachelor Australia Season Seven)

With her tongue-in-cheek comebacks and Oscar-worthy facial expressions, Mary cemented her status as the quick-witted commentator of Matt’s season of The Bachelor Australia. Although she admits to being unlucky-in-love, Mary enters Paradise optimistic that she would be able to find a family-oriented man who has a killer personality and a body to match!

Niranga, 28

Angie’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Five)

With a good head on his shoulders and his feet planted firmly on the ground, Niranga remains a true romantic, who is hoping that Paradise will help him find a new spark in life. Describing his dream date as a day sailing around an island, this social and spontaneous lad will have all he needs to woo the girl of his dreams in Paradise.

Timm, 27

Angie’s Season (The Bachelorette Australia Season Five)

Initially coming off as a goofball, Timm quickly endeared himself to women across Australia, offering glimpses of his sensitive side and surprising drops of wisdom throughout his run on The Bachelorette Australia. Unashamedly, this loveable larrikin stayed true to himself until the very end, and although he did not get the fairytale ending he hoped for, he was happy that Angie found her prince charming. Always someone to put others happiness ahead of his own, he now enters Paradise ready to prioritise himself.

Bachelor In Paradise premieres Wednesday, 15 July At 7.30pm on the 10 and WIN networks.


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