Aboriginal lives matter on LIVING BLACK

Against the backdrop of the global Black Lives Matter movement, there have been urgent calls for action to be taken over Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

“Had they have checked – gone in and physically checked her like police are supposed to do – she’d be alive today.”

– Tracey Hanshaw

Rallies have been taking place nation-wide in Australia. In light of these events,three families speak to Karla Grant about the events that led to their loves one dying in custody.

Intimate and sensitive interviews and photographs bring the heartbreaking stories to life, including the link between the three tragic deaths. Each were left gasping for air in the minutes before they passed.

The families of David Dungay Jnr, Rebecca Maher and Nathan Reynolds share their raw stories of how much those who have passed are loved and cherished, taking this movement beyond just statistics as they tell how their lives were much more than their tragic final chapter. We pay tribute to those who have lost their lives in custody. Their lives matter.

Living Black: Aboriginal Lives Matter Wednesday 15 July at 8.30pm on NITV


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