Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor return with a fourth season of ROSEHAVEN this week

The multi-award-winning ABC comedy series Rosehaven returns for a fourth season this week.

The 8 half-hour episodes take viewers into the quirky and loveable Tasmanian town of Rosehaven.

Written by and starring two of Australia’s favourite comedians Celia Pacquola and Luke McGregor, Rosehaven follows the story of two friends and unlikely real estate agents, Daniel (ex-pat Tasmanian McGregor) and Emma (Pacquola).

Season four finds the best friends and workmates – now housemates again too – spending every waking moment together. It’s fine, but is it too much, even for best friends?

Daniel and Emma are having a relaxed night in watching TV and drinking wine as new housemates. It’s a new dynamic for both of them. Who kills the spiders? Is bread cut into circles a fair substitute for replacing crumpets? There’s a lot to iron out.

At McCallum Real Estate, everyone is getting used to the new office. Suspicious of Daniel’s composure to all these changes, Emma floats the idea of getting a new place to live – a fresh start – out of the house he shared with Grace. Emma thinks Daniel is being a bit too calm about the breakup with Grace.

When Grace calls from Japan, she wants to use the service of McCallums. She’s after a new rental property. Against Emma’s advice, Daniel signs on to help.

A mystery package arrives at the new office and Emma is desperate to open it. She can’t resist packages. It might be something exciting. But it’s not addressed to her, so she sets out on a quest to find the recipient.

Meanwhile, Grace lets slip to Daniel that she met someone, and Daniel crumbles. He calls Emma to help.

Production details

Starring:  Celia  Pacquola  as  Emma  Dawes,  Luke  McGregor  as  Daniel  McCallum,  Kris McQuade as Barbara McCallum. Also returning for season four are Sam Cotton (Diary of an Uber Driver) as town bully Bruce, Noela Foxcroft as octogenarian receptionist Mrs Marsh,  Katie  Robertson  (Five  Bedrooms)  as  Grace,  the  town  GP  and  Daniel’s  ex,  Kim Knuckey  as  Sergeant  Greg,  David  Quirk  (Please  Like  Me)  as  locksmith  and  hoarder Damien, legendary comic Anthony Morgan as town crank Phil, Mick Davies as Maddrick and Susie Youssef (The Project) as op shop owner Gez.

Production Credits

A What Horse? / Guesswork Television production presented by Screen Tasmania and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Created and written by Luke McGregor and Celia Pacquola. Directed by Jonathan Brough and Shaun Wilson. Co-Producer Fiona McConaghy. Produced  by  Andrew  Walker,  Luke  McGregor  and  Celia  Pacquola.  Executive  Producer Kevin Whyte. ABC Executive Producers Rick Kalowski and Brett Sleigh.

Rosehaven season four premieres Wednesday July 8 at 9pm on ABC


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