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EXCLUSIVE | Seven axes local news

Presenter Jessica Adamson will depart 7 News as part of a restructure (image - 7)

Adelaide viewers are set for big changes with the afternoon news set to be presented out of Melbourne

Weather presenter Tim Noonan is leaving 7 News in Adelaide as part of a restructure (image – The Advertiser)

In the ever-changing landscape of broadcast television the Seven Network is making more changes as it looks to find $100 million in savings across the network.

Just this week the axe was swung on The Daily Edition and now Adelaide’s local afternoon news service has suffered the same fate.

Sources tell TV Blackbox the 4pm bulletin will now be presented out of Melbourne with inserts presented from Adelaide, with the changes to start in July.

As part of the overhaul presenters Jessica Adamson and weather presenter Tim Noonan will leave the network.

It is understood the afternoon bulletins in other states will not be changed.

It was only in the last few years that Nine and Seven produced their afternoon news bulletins locally, before that anything outside 6pm was a national production.

The downturn in the advertising market is hurting all sectors and this is a change not likely to have a major impact on viewing numbers, although will give Nine the opportunity to promote the fact their bulletin is local.

There’s no doubt a lot of people within the television industry are feeling the pinch. Let’s hope things recover soon.

*Seven has been contacted for comment.


  1. Perth, Sydney & Brisbane will remain Local at 4:00pm while the Current Melbourne and Adelaide 4pm Bulletins will be merged becoming the Southern Semi-National Edition of the 4pm News. As for Jessica and to Tim Noonan (who I enjoyed his reports) I wish you all the best for the future.

    Sadly, Warburton is wrecking Seven like he did with Ten during his tenure there. First it was Today Tonight, The Daily Edition and Now this. Awful News.

  2. Just terrible local is local the only people feeling good are the shareholder tv and radio executives have no careing for the wellbeing of their staff the pain and vanquish they cause the person and their family shame shame on you all you know who you are

  3. Channel 7 is making a big mistake in getting rid of Jessica Adamson. She has always presented the news with dignity, but has always been able to have a sense of humour too.
    Rosanna Mangerelli is too wooden when she presents the news. I will no longer watch the news on the weekend

  4. Not a good call. Both are Adelaide icons. Who wants secondhand news coming from another state. You’ll be just giving Channel nine what they want – the only total local news channel. Rosanna was great on Today-Tonight but does not come over the same as Jessica. Tim is great with his unique weather commentary. You’ll lose viewers if you go down this path

  5. As always SA gets treated as though our state doesn’t matter. I don’t want interstate news. I want local news. Sad to see Jessica and Tim disappear from our screens, good luck to them both in future ventures. There are 5 other states in this country not just 2. You have lost my viewing!

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