PROMO | To b(ooz)e or not to b(ooz)e? That is the question Shaun Micallef asks in July

ABC and Screen Australia are pleased to announce the eagerly awaited Shaun Micallef’s On The Sauce, a 3-part documentary series about Australia’s drinking culture.

There are many facets to Shaun Micallef – comedian, actor, writer, hugely popular TV presenter. Perhaps less known, he’s also a dedicated teetotaller.  So, when his sons hit drinking age, it got him thinking. What kind of drinking scene are they about to dive into?

Revealing a rarely seen personal side, Shaun shares all sorts of intimate stories, from his self-combusting grandfather to the reason he chose to stop drinking.   He meets a variety of everyday Australians, from those who love to drink to those who’ve sworn off it. Along the way, he’s joined by experts who share some eye-opening facts about the “demon drink”.

In this thought-provoking series, Shaun attends an all-girl pub crawl, an alcohol-fuelled B&S ball and an 18th birthday celebration, to gain a better understanding of Australia’s long held love affair with booze.

Shaun also catches up with young abstainers and those recovering from addiction, which makes him question whether Aussie attitudes to alcohol are changing, and how this will impact his own three sons?

Shaun is confronted by the highs and lows of alcohol consumption and witnesses the changing shape of our national pastime.  Where are we heading as a nation? And how does Shaun feel after getting drunk for the first time in three decades?

Shaun Micallef’s On the Sauce – Tuesday 21st July 8:30pm on ABC


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