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In a break with tradition CHANNEL 7 has released details on all the contestants entering the BIG BROTHER house.

Sonia Kruger is the host of BIG BROTHER (image – 7)

Twenty years ago, nine people entered a purpose-built house to be watched 24 hours a day, seven days a week by Big Brother and it changed Australian TV forever. Now, after six years off our screens, one of the world’s biggest entertainment formats is back. Big Brother has been watching and he’s ready to play.

In 2020, Big Brother will follow a modern generation of 20 unique and ambitious Housemates, ranging in age from 19-62 and representing a broad cross section of Australia. They will live together for six weeks, cut off from the outside world in a custom-built house fitted with cameras and microphones recording every inch of the house and their every move, 24 hours a day.

This year, the game has evolved with Housemates competing in epic Nomination Challenges. The winner has the power to nominate three of their fellow Housemates for eviction. For the first time in Australian Big Brother history, Housemates will then cast individual votes to evict one of the three nominees from the house.

Along with the mind-blowing Nomination Challenges, Big Brother will keep Housemates on their toes by having them compete in hilarious and crazy House Tasks that will reward them with everything from shopping money and dinner parties, to tear-jerking messages from their loved ones.

With Big Brother throwing twists and turns in a house full of surprises, Housemates will have to play harder than ever to stay in the game. Host Sonia Kruger will be there every step of the way to question their strategies and pick apart their motives.

In the end, Australia will decide in a live finale which of the final three Housemates deserves to win Big Brother and the $250,000 prize money.

Big Brother 2020 is unpredictable, fun and different to the Big Brother you think you know.

Big Brother is produced by Endemol Shine Australia for the Seven Network.

Sonia Kruger – Host

An accomplished presenter, actress, dancer, interviewer and entertainer, Sonia Kruger is one of Australia’s most recognised and loved faces. Having previously hosted Big Brother between 2012-2014, Sonia is back at Seven and back at the helm of this iconic format which has been reimagined for a new era.

How did you feel when you got the call to host the new Big Brother?
I was blown away! The show is considered
a superbrand right around the globe and this new incarnation is a world first, so I feel completely honoured and quietly stoked to be involved.

Why is now the right time to bring Big Brother back?
2020 is the perfect year for the return of Big Brother. A brand new decade deserves a brand new game, a sophisticated new house and exciting new Housemates.

Why do you think Big Brother has remained
so popular all these years?
People love Big Brother for all sorts of reasons but I think the idea that any of us could potentially be a Housemate and win is one of the keys to the show’s success. You don’t have to be able to sing or dance or cook… you just need to be yourself.

What can we expect from the new Big Brother?
Big Brother 2020 is equal parts unpredictable, funny, intriguing and dramatic but above
all else surprising!

Can you tell us anything about Big Brother himself?

Big Brother is a very mysterious creature with a wicked sense of humour. He’s basically the unicorn of reality television.

What is life inside the Big Brother house like in 2020?
The house itself is ultra-modern with every luxury available to the Housemates… except for food… and hot water… and anything else Big Brother feels like depriving them of.

Can you tell us how the challenges
work this season?
Challenges have been supersized for 2020 and are crucial in how the game plays out. The winner of the Nominations Challenge chooses three people to face eviction. The Housemates vote and one of the nominees is ultimately sent home. Winning challenges may put you in the box seat but simultaneously it also puts a target on your back.

How does strategy play a role?
In order to make it to the end and potentially win, the Housemates will at some point need to play a strategic game.

It’s clear the game has changed – will Big Brother enthusiasts be happy?
Fans of Big Brother are amongst the most passionate television viewers on earth.
We were very mindful to make sure the essence of Big Brother was preserved while giving the show a contemporary treatment.

What makes a good Housemate?
Authenticity is key. The best Housemates are unapologetically themselves, whether that rubs people up the wrong way
or endears them to the viewing public.

What advice would you give to Housemates upon entering the house?
Make friends… fast!

What is the best thing about being
a Big Brother Housemate?
Having the opportunity 50,000 other people also applied for… to experience what it’s like to be a Big Brother Housemate firsthand.

And the most challenging?
Having more than 60 cameras recording every move you make and every conversation you have.

How do you think you’d fare as a Big Brother Housemate?
I’m pretty sure the Housemates would evict me for my annoying obsessive-compulsive need to clean and tidy.

Ultimately, Australia will decide the winner of Big Brother. What makes a Housemate worthy of Australia’s vote and the $250,000 prize?
That’s a question for the viewing public. It might be someone who plays the game masterfully. It could be someone who captures their heart for another reason. We’ll have to wait and see…

What impact did COVID-19 have on production?
The Housemates were advised of the pandemic and a wellness officer checked in regularly with their family and friends. Production was briefly suspended when one of the crew had a brush with the virus. The results were negative for COVID-19 and we were given the all clear to resume filming.

What would you say to viewers who are new to Big Brother?
Get the popcorn ready… you’re in for a wild ride.




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