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Seven announces (surprising) premiere date for BIG BROTHER

Chad Hurst as he appears in the Big Brother Promo (image - Seven)

Despite media reports the new series would launch on Sunday June 7, Seven sets the record straight

The new series of BIG BROTHER has been described as ‘Survivor in a warehouse’ (image – Seven)

The network has revealed the most anticipated show of 2020 will launch on MONDAY June 8 at 7.30pm.

Big Brother has already divided fans with a new format, even before its aired.

As previously reported by TV Blackbox, the show is a “Survivor in a warehouse” where an elimination will take place every night.

Sources have told TV Blackbox the iconic reality TV show will run 3 nights per week Sunday – Tuesday after the premiere episode.

Executives are said to be thrilled with episode 1 which has gone through multiple recuts to get it absolutely right.

No show this year has drawn as many headlines and Seven will be hoping it is a ratings success.

The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show will be doing a nightly video and audio podcast after each episode to recap episodes and share the latest news.

You can watch/hear previous episode in the players below and join us Thursday nights at 8pm LIVE in the lead-up to the premiere episode at our Facebook page.


  1. Wow short season and 3 shows a week except 1st week, means perhaps 19 evictions (if in fact there is an eviction every episode). So perhaps a battle back or some other reentry for previously evicted? Maybe some evictions will be negated do to special earned or found charms, rewards,or powers? With all this going on I wonder if we will get to know the contestants.

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