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EXCLUSIVE | BIG BROTHER set to air 3 nights a week on Seven

Sonia Kruger appears in the promo for BIG BROTHER (image - Seven)

The countdown is on to the biggest TV launch of the year and new details have emerged revealing what nights Channel 7 will air the new series of BIG BROTHER

When four former winners of the reality TV juggernaut come together you just know some juicy information is going to slip.

In the new podcast series Eye on Big Brother the team from The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show (Ben Norris, Rob McKnight & David Robinson) are joined by series 3 winner Reggie Sorensen plus series 4 winner Trevor Butler and series 7 winner Aleisha Collins.

In an episode that spills the beans on what happened behind the scenes of previous seasons, new information was also revealed on the big new series set to launch in 4 weeks.

Sources have confirmed the show will air Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights – 3 times a week.

Our spies also tell us 20 episodes have been made, meaning the 2020 series will run for around 7 weeks and include a LIVE grand finale where viewers will get to choose the winner.

There’s plenty of goss in this podcast that will entertain and inform. Big Brother fans. In the lead-up the podcast will be produced weekly, looking at the latest news. Then once the show airs a new podcast will be produced after each episode.


  1. only 3 night’s a week LOL as a huge fan of BIG BROTHER I for one will not be watching the reboot as it needs to be LIVE once a week during evictions and having a paying audience choosing who stays and who goes doesn’t count it’s not the same and I couldn’t stand watching BIG BROTHER on the WIN NETWORK due to knowing that the evictions were postponed and that even the finale was pre-recorded ahead of time. I think I will wait until the UK decides if BIG BROTHER comes back to Channel 4 because they have been talking about the possibility of #BBUK coming back in a new format while still having it LIVE for evictions and nominations.

  2. As much as I love him, I really hope these podcasts don’t become the Ben show. I would have loved to hear more from Travis, Aleisha and Reggie, as the guest. Ben kinda took over the show at the end of it and made it all about him. Even Robbo hardly was heard in this. Time to have an even playing field

    9Also another point, yet again. Leon Murray only did Big Brother 8 (last season on Ten) which Aleisha wasn’t in. Her series was 2007.

    BB Voices were:
    Peter Abbott – BB1-3
    Nick Colquhoun – BB 4-7
    Leon Murray BB9 – BB11

    Probably handy to know the history for the podcast 😛

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