ABC brings the big questions to its first Instagram Live show

Kumi Taguchi. | image - ABC
Kumi Taguchi. | image – ABC

Have isolation and the coronavirus pandemic left you feeling uneasy with plenty of questions? Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Compass host Kumi Taguchi is live on ABC TV’s Instagram account every weekday at 3.30pm, to discuss the issues we’re all facing.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought the life we know to a massive halt and everyone is trying to adjust to this new world. There are big questions to answer:

What will our future look like? How will this affect our kids? Will our relationships survive? Will this change who we are? What are the good things to have come out of this? What’s happening elsewhere in the world? How can I have fun this weekend?

For more than 20 years, Compass has focused on social issues, ethical conundrums, faith and philosophy. Cuppa With Kumi takes Compass into a two-way conversation, in which audiences can ask and respond to questions about what the future might look like.

Kumi, along with her special guests, will be discussing a new topic each weekday. So, boil the kettle, grab your favourite mug, and enjoy a Cuppa with Kumi. Because social distancing may keep us apart physically, but we are virtually all in this together.

Michael Carrington, ABC Director of Entertainment & Specialist content, said:

Cuppa with Kumi is a chance for audiences to connect in real-time with a presenter they know and trust. Broadcasting on Instagram TV means we can meet our audiences where they are and stay connected as we navigate these unsettling times together.”

Find Cuppa With Kumi on ABC TV’s Instagram account every weekday at 3.30pm.


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