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EXCLUSIVE | Gamble Breaux from #RHOMelbourne reacts to her latest single being pulled off the internet


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The internet has been buzzing after the new single from Gamble was suddenly pulled off the internet. Despite negative reactions Gamble tells us it will be back online soon.

Real Housewives of Melbourne star Gamble Breaux launched her latest single today with plenty of fanfare. The reality TV star had even managed to get a write-up in The Herald Sun as part of the promotion push for the song called Classy.

But before most people got the chance to listen to the song it was taken down from the internet.

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And many are wondering why.

TV Blackbox has been told reaction to the song was negative but there has also been whispers of copyright issues.

Gamble herself appeared on our new internet streaming show The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show to set the record straight, saying;

“I published a song called ‘Classy’ on Friday but I had to pull it back down due to some issues with it. Anyway, you will have it right back up again as soon as possible, without those issues”

It’s unclear what those issues are.

The intitial reaction to the song on social media was not positive for the single which included lyrics like;

“Don’t need champagne or Louis Vuitton, when you’ve got the right attitude on … I’m a mess, but I still look classy.”

While we wait for the re-release of the single you can watch our exclusive interview with Gamble in the clip above.

And make sure you watch The Ben, Rob & Robbo Show every Monday to Thursday at 1pm HERE

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Robert McKnight
Robert McKnight
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