New dramas coming to SBS On Demand this February


  Dublin Murders  Source: SBS
Dublin Murders Source: SBS

Murder Mystery, Political Espionage and Everyone’s Favourite Brooklyn Detectives

New dramas coming to SBS On Demand this February

Audiences will be spoilt for choice with six acclaimed drama series premiering on SBS On Demand next month. British series The Little Drummer Girl, award-winning Norwegian drama Exit, the highly-anticipated seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine exclusive to SBS and fast-tracked from the US, the eighth and final season of Homeland, the nail-biting crime series Dublin Murders and Finnish spy thriller Shadow Lines will join a diverse catalogue of curated content already available on the platform.

The Little Drummer Girl premieres on Thursday, 6 February. Based on John le Carré’s best-selling novel of the same name, The Little Drummer Girl is an eight-part passionate love story set in the late 1970s that weaves a tale of espionage and international intrigue. It follows young, idealistic actress Charlie (Florence Pugh, Little Women), whose relationship with the mysterious Becker (Alexander Skarsgård, Big Little Lies), an Israeli intelligence officer, leads her into a complex, high-stakes plot devised by spy mastermind Kurtz (Michael Shannon, Knives Out). She takes on the role of a double agent and is drawn more deeply into a dangerous world of duplicity and compromised humanity.

The first season of Norwegian series Exit will drop on Friday, 7 February. Inspired by true stories and set in the exclusive world of Oslo’s wealthy elite, Exit follows the lives of four friends who seem to have it all – except a way out. They each share a distinct narcissistic drive and fill the emptiness of their lives with hedonism and reckless partying. Bored with juggling their day-to-day obligations, expectations and families, they use money – and lies – to employ drugs, prostitutes, and push their own moral compass to the limit. As their constant desire for more causes the friends to slowly sabotage their own lives, will they find an exit in time – or get what they deserve?

*This program is in Norwegian with English subtitles

Fast-tracked from the US and exclusive to SBS, season seven of Golden Globe® Award-winning comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns weekly from Friday, 7 February. At the end of season six, Detective Jake Peralta (Andy Samberg) and Captain Ray Holt (Andre Braugher) work to take down Commissioner Kelly, but their operation doesn’t go according to plan. Kelly is fired, but Captain Holt is demoted. Tune in to see what happens next.

The final, fast-tracked season of Homeland returns weekly from Monday, 10 February. At the end of season seven, Carrie Mathison (Golden Globe® Award-winner Claire Danes, Romeo and Juliet) was captured by Russian national Yevgeny Gromov. She’s released seven months later at Russia’s border, but appears not to recognise her mentor and National Security Advisor Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin, Criminal Minds). Season eight will also star Hugh Dancy (Hannibal).

The much-anticipated thriller series Dublin Murders premieres weekly from Wednesday, 19 February. Based on the books In the Woods and The Likeness by American-Irish writer Tana French, this psychological thriller stars Killian Scott and Sarah Greene. Detectives Rob Reilly and Cassie Maddox find themselves dispatched to investigate the murder of a young girl in a dense wood on the outskirts of Dublin, Ireland. Twists and turns await as the detectives are pulled deeper into the intrigue and darkness that surrounds the case.

Season one of Finnish spy series Shadow Lines will drop on Thursday, 20 February. Set during the Cold War in 1950s Helsinki, Shadow Lines is inspired by true events and follows a secret intelligence team whose mission is to defend the independence of Finland, no matter the cost.

*This program is in Finnish with English subtitles

These new series’ join other premium shows coming to SBS On Demand next month, including factual series Couples Therapy (Thursday 13 February), Spanish historical drama The Plague S2 (Thursday 13 February), romantic drama Team Chocolate (Friday 14 February), Project Blue Book S2 starring Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen (Wednesday 19 February), French crime drama The Crimson Rivers S2 (Thursday 27 February), and seasons one and two of contemporary British drama The A Word (Friday 28 February).




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