RECAP | Army veteran Gary and nurse Mika became husband and wife to be on THE PROPOSAL

The Proposal
Source: Seven Network


Admitting appearing on THE PROPOSAL was the “craziest” thing he’s ever done, 34-year-old Grafton army veteran and marriage celebrant, Gary, became engaged to 27-year-old Mika in just one hour with his mum, Sharon, watching on in the audience.

After narrowing the field of eight eligible women down to just two - Mika and 32-year-old Melbourne hair and make-up artist, Shelly - it was time for the ladies to see their mystery suitor for the first time. And both were pleased with what they saw as Gary emerged from the ‘commitment ring’. “I was really nervous, but I’m really good now. I would really like to run my hands through your beard!” suggested a smitten Shelly. “I’m really quite happy,” added Mika admiring Gary’s broad frame.

Next, it was up to Mika and Shelly to each find the right words to convince Gary one of them would make his perfect life partner.

Shelly went first, holding Gary’s hands as she explained her belief that everything happens for a reason. “Even the bad things in life are there to teach us lessons and help us figure out what we want in life. I’ve learnt a lot of lessons along my way and I really know what I want now and more importantly, what I deserve in life. 

“Your questions and my answers have got us to this point, and I’d really like to see us have some adventures together and see where that takes us,” she said before taking it upon herself to rub her fingers through his beard.

Mika, who made special mention of Gary’s military service and two-year-old daughter Audrey, was next. “Gary, you have dedicated your life and you have risked your life to help others and I’m in awe of everything you’ve done. I’ve tried to follow a very similar path, but this journey was about me and my life and finding the one I can spend the rest of my life with.

“People have this impression that it’s two halves coming together to make a whole, but I believe it’s two whole people coming together to share their whole worlds. I’m standing before you Gary asking you to share mine, along with little Audrey.”

With Shelly and Mika’s jobs done, it was proposal time for Gary who gave absolutely nothing away until the final moment.

“I hope and pray the decision I make tonight will carry me through for the rest of my life. Once this is over, once the host has gone, the lights, the cameras and the audience are gone and it’s just us, that we can move forward with our lives like this was just the beginning of it,” Gary said before bending down on one knee before Mika. “Mika, will you marry me?”

It was a resounding “yes” from Mika before the newly engaged couple shared their first kiss.

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