FOX FOOTY launches new show for AFL Finals, THE BULLRING

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Garry Lyon will host a fast-paced combative new 30-minute show, The Bullring, every Wednesday during the finals.

Three-time premiership player Jonathan Brown will join the Melbourne great and former St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt as they discuss the biggest finals stories in history and today.

The Bullring promises to push the boundaries with the two young bulls (Brown and Riewoldt) debating hot topics with the older bull (Lyon) aiming to provoke the two. They will have many laughs along the way, with regular tongue-in-cheek segments, such as ‘Self Grab or News Grab’, poking fun at media and themselves.

Among a colourful suite of segments, Lyon will compare his era to the modern game with ‘That’s Not a Knife”, Brown will offer key footy figures and players advice during “Coffee With Browny” and Riewoldt will wrap his arms around personalities doing it tough with “Give Us A Hug”.

“The Bullring will be a lively, fast-paced chat about the issues of the day with an eye to the past as a reference point. We’ve just scratched the surface of Brown and Riewoldt’s media talent and as the show’s name suggests, getting the young bulls into the ring, eyeballing each other across the desk should make for some interesting and entertaining viewing,” said Lyon.

The Bullring headlines a huge four weeks of finals coverage on FOX FOOTY. David King and Ben Dixon return for The First Crack Podcast this Saturday night after the footy. The televised podcast will offer fans the first analysis of the four qualifying and elimination finals.

Fan-favourite AFL 360 airs Monday-Wednesday making way for the game on Thursday and On The Couch will continue in regular time-slot on Mondays. Jason Dunstall and the Bounce team move to the special time on Saturday afternoon live between the two blockbuster finals.

Australia’s favourite footy comedy quiz show, The Beep Test, with guests Kelli Underwood and Adam Spencer, and will air in regular time on Sunday after a replay of Bounce.

On The Mark takes a break this week, returning next week with special guests.

All four games will be televised live, with footy’s best and most respected commentary team bringing viewers as close as possible to all the action, with extended expert analysis shows pre/during/post and the best coverage live in HD with no ads-breaks during play.




AFL Tonight - 7pm Host: Neroli Meadows


AFL 360 - 7.30pm

Collingwood’s Nathan Buckley & Scott Pendlebury Richmond’s Damien Hardwick & Trent Cotchin Geelong Coach Chris Scott


On the Couch - 8.30pm

Panel: Gerard Healy, Jonathan Brown, Garry Lyon, Paul Roos News: Tom Morris



AFL Tonight – 7pm Host: Julian De Stoop


AFL 360 - 7.30pm

Brisbane Lions’ Chris Fagan & Dayne Zorko

Richmond’s Jack Riewoldt & Collingwood’s Adam Treloar on Players Night


Open Mike - 8.30pm Host: Mike Sheahan

Guest: Ray McLean (Leading Teams)



Selection Night - 7pm Host: Katherine Loughnan


AFL 360 - 7.30pm

Geelong Captain Joel Selwood

Nick Riewoldt, Bob Murphy, David King, Mark Maclure & Jordan Lewis


The Bullring - 8.30pm

Garry Lyon, Nick Riewoldt & Jonathan Brown



AFL Tonight - 6.30pm Host: Katherine Loughnan


West Coast Eagles v Essendon - 7pm Host: Eddie McGuire

Panel: Garry Lyon, Jonathan Brown, David King At the Ground: Matthew Pavlich

News: Jon Ralph



AFL Tonight - 6.30pm Host: Neroli Meadows


Geelong Cats v Collingwood - 7pm Live from the MCG Stage

Host: Sarah Jones

Panel: Jason Dunstall, Jonathan Brown, Nick Riewoldt At the Ground: Dermott Brereton & Cameron Mooney News: Jon Ralph



GWS GIANTS v Western Bulldogs - 2.30pm Host: Sarah Jones

Panel: Garry Lyon, David King, Brad Johnson

At the Ground: Kelli Underwood & Nick Dal Santo News: Neroli Meadows


Bounce - 6.15pm

Jason Dunstall, Danny Frawley, Cameron Mooney & Bernie Vince



Brisbane Lions v Richmond - 6.45pm Host: Eddie McGuire

Panel: Paul Roos, Nick Riewoldt, Dermott Brereton At the Ground: Alastair Lynch

News: Jon Ralph


The First Crack Podcast – after the footy David King, Ben Dixon & Tom Morris



Bounce - 7.30pm (replay)

Jason Dunstall, Danny Frawley, Cameron Mooney & Bernie Vince


Beep Test - 8pm Host: Dave Thornton

Team 1: Lehmo & Adam Spencer

Team 2: Lawrence Mooney & Kelli Underwood