Fake News, voting problems, and a classification f*ckup | TV Blackbox S03E22

Do you like coffee? Why do you not like coffee? You really should like coffee - it's a great pairing with a new episode of the TV Blackbox podcast. COFFEE!

Sarah's still off doing some amazing humanitarian work and Dan is on assignment, so that leaves Rob, Brooky and Molk to deliver the latest TV news and opinions fresh to your ears.

This week Molk & Rob go head to head over Brooky's big issue, and there's some talk of Emmys, Carrie Bickmore not coming to Nine, Executive heads start to roll in Seven's "cost-cutting", and we rip out the crystal ball and have a go at guessing what the premiere episode of THE MASKED SINGER will rate - who will be most correct?!

Each week the TV Blackbox team take you behind the scenes, wade through the PR spin and launch into the reality that is the Australian television business.

On this episode:

  • 2.21 - Who won what and what was any good about the 71st PRIMETIME EMMY AWARDS.

  • 10.38 - Nine outright denies CARRIE BICKMORE is coming to THE TODAY SHOW.

  • 14.42 - AUSTRALIA'S GOT TALENT voting crashes, outraging the one fan who thought about voting.

  • 17.16 - A return serve on our MTV/10 channel exclusive.

  • 25.17 - "Cost-cutting" claims Seven's head of sport SAUL SHTEIN.

  • 28.36 - The ABC are heading west... to Penrith.

  • 33.44 - Brooky breaks down the ACCC recommendations

  • 37.44 - How will THE MASKED SINGER do on premiere? Rob, Brooky & Molk make predictions!

  • 41.20 - Molk somehow gets handed the responsibility to report the HATCHES & DISPATCHES for this week.

  • 44.31 - Brooky opens a cracking BIG ISSUE - should ads be classified the same as the program they appear in.

  • 58.18 - Rob, Brooky and Molk talk the shows they're watching this week as we open TV Blackbox's BINGE BOX.

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