Awkward: Sonia Kruger admits to... errr.. doing a ScoMo #EngadineMaccas

Richard Wilkins in a state of shock as Sonia Kruger admits to a smelly revelation


Hilarious scenes have unfolded on TODAY EXTRA this morning as SONIA KRUGER admitted to suffering the same smelly fate as our Prime Minister (allegedly) did.

I love live television, especially because the unpredictable can happen, as it did on TODAY EXTRA this morning during a discussion about the Press Gallery’s Midwinter Ball.

News reader Davina Smith was reporting on the speech given by Prime Minister Scott Morrison last night where he addressed ongoing rumours he soiled his pants at the Engadine McDonald’s in 1997.

While the PM didn’t outright confirm the rumours, Sonia Kruger shocked co-host Richard Wilkins by confirming she has done the same;

“I mean, no judgement. I mean really, who hasn’t shat themselves at some point”

A stunned Wilkins and Smith both raised their hands while Kruger looked for support from the studio floor crew.

“It’d just be me then” replied Kruger.

As the hilarious scene continued, Sonia explained;

“Let’s just say I’m never eating hot and numbing chicken again”

It turned out to be one of the funniest moments on morning TV this year and is well worth a look HERE: