EXCLUSIVE | Nine still waiting for a 'proper apology' from EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW over 'defamatory' tweet

The media industry is abuzz wondering what EDWINA BARTHOLOMEW said in her tweet about reporter SEB COSTELLO that could still result in a courtroom showdown.

Many are jumping to conclusions of what was said and in most cases they are wrong.

TV Blackbox has the uncensored tweet and can confirm the message goes beyond mere name calling and does not appear to be meant for public consumption.

Bartholomew’s tweet was sent in response to a post from Nine News about their reporter Seb Costello reporting live from Spring Street, which was shut down due to a security scare.

Her tweet, which we have to censor for legal reasons said:

“Surprisingly articulate for a (CENSORED)”

The tweet was taken down 50 minutes later after frantic calls from people at Seven trying to contact Bartholomew, who had gone to sleep after the post was made (she is in London on assignment for Sunrise).

Despite reports in The Daily Telegraph today claiming Channel 7 are ‘amused’ at the idea of Nine taking the popular Sunrise reporter to court, sources at Nine tell TV Blackbox it is still a very real possibility.

Even if no court action is taken by Nine or Costello it seems bizarre for sources at Seven to make fun of the unwitting victim. Their quotes in the Tele are not helping the situation;

“There is no way in God’s earth Nine will have this play out in a courtroom,”

“They are bluffing by saying they will take legal action.”

The comments are only adding fuel to the fire for everyone at Nine who are appalled at the situation, with a network spokesperson telling The Australian;

“Seb and Nine are devastated and shocked at the damaging and false nature of this personal attack on a public platform”

This morning Costello broke his silence about the issue on Triple M’s Hot Breakfast, saying;

“It’s not ideal what was said, I spent the weekend with family and it’s not ideal for them either”

Seb Costello is the son of former Federal Treasurer and Nine Chairman Peter Costello. He also confirmed he would be talking with lawyers today.

One of Nine’s major beefs was, in their view, the lack of proper apology offered by Bartholomew. When the Herald Sun first broke the story no apology was included. The story was updated soon after TV Blackbox ran a story noting Nine’s issue with the lack of apology.

The apology added to the online story did not make the print edition.

Entertainment journalist Peter Ford reports Bartholomew has left a voice mail on Costello’s phone, but Nine are still not happy with a source telling TV Blackbox;

“There’s been no proper apology, as far as we’re concerned”

If the case were to end up in court the onus would be on Bartholomew to prove the statement was true, as truth can be used as a defence.

The biggest lesson for everyone is to be careful when direct messaging.