AIRDATE | Channel 10 to (finally) air BH90210

The cast of BH90210  PHOTO: 10

The cast of BH90210


After our initial story breaking the news 10 had the Australian rights to the reboot of the iconic series, the network has finally confirmed the air date of BH90210.

The 6 episodes will run almost a month-and-a-half after the US premiere on Tuesday’s at 8.30.

TV Blackbox believes The Masked Singer will serve as its lead-in (the bizarre reality show is set to air on Monday’s and Tuesday’s at 7.30pm).

When TV Blackbox broke this story in July Network 10 Head of Programming, Daniel Monaghan, told us;

“Beverly Hills 90210 was a cultural phenomenon on 10 when it aired in the 90’s and ever since, fans have pleaded to have the original cast members to return to the world’s most famous postcode. We are thrilled to have it back and it will air on 10 later this year.”

The reboot of Beverly Hills 90210 is a little different to what you might be expecting (YOU CAN READ MY REVIEW HERE).

If you’ve read the many stories about the new series you’ll know this is a drama about the actors who portrayed Kelly, Brandon etc. It’s a bit like the Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant series EXTRAS in that the actors play heightened versions of themselves. While using aspects of their real lives, the writers have been able to weave new storylines in adding drama and fun.

It can be a little confusing at first while trying to settle into the concept but 15 minutes in you will either be fully enjoying the series or you’ll be switching off.

Here’s how 10 are selling it in their press release;

Mark your diaries Australia. The world’s most famous postcode BH90210 is back and set to be appointment-viewing all over again.

Tuesday, 24 September at 8.30pm, Brandon, Brenda, Kelly and the gang return for an unmissable reincarnation of one of the most popular dramas on television.

Take a trip down memory lane, as our favourite teen idols (and crushes) play heightened versions of themselves in order to get a reboot of Beverly Hills, 90210 back on the air. 

Having gone their separate ways since the original series ended 19 years ago, the cast are reunited at a 30th Anniversary fan convention in Las Vegas, leading old flames, feuds and feelings to reignite. 

After a rather tumultuous reunion, Tori Spelling has the grand idea to get the band back together in a more permanent capacity for an official reboot. However, not everyone shares her enthusiasm.

Will Shannen Doherty actually speak to the other cast members? Will Tori remember her lines after years of reality TV? Will Brian Austin Green be able to step out of his (more famous) wife’s shadow?

BH90210 Premieres On Tuesday, 24 September at 8.30pm Only on 10 and WIN Network.