Did Lindsay Lohan snub TV appearence for a boating adventure?

The team at WORKING DOG were left scrambling this week when Lindsay Lohan failed to turn up to the Sunday recording of Have You Been Paying Attention. Little did they know why she failed to show.

Since landing in Australia to be a judge on Channel 10’s The Masked Singer, Lohan has been making headlines for being ‘difficult’. The reports started on day 1 when Dave Hughes was talking about his first encounter with the former child star on his radio show. Hughes was recounting what happened after they went for a ciggie break and she failed to come back upstairs to the rehearsal room;

“The discussion was had: ‘Let’s start, we don’t know how long Lindsay’s going to be’"

“We thought maybe she’s not going to come back!”

Lohan eventually returned with a personal note taker

“Someone else came in with Lindsay. Someone came to take notes on Lindsay’s behalf,” he said.

“Fair enough! Why does Lindsay have to take notes?”

Hughes has tried to play down the comments and there’s no doubt they were said in jest, but they did manage to make international headlines.

Jackie O, Dannii Minogue, David Hughes and Lindsay Lohan on The Masked Singer


But just as it was all dying down questions are now being asked over why Lohan pulled the plug on her scheduled appearance on Channel 10’s Have You Been Paying Attention?.

Filming for The Masked Singer had taken place on Saturday and Lohan was meant to fly down to Melbourne on Sunday to record her spot as HYPBPA films on a Sunday evening.

When TV Tonight got wind of the story the publication approached Channel 10 for comment;

“Unfortunately Lindsay Lohan is no longer able to appear on Have You Been Paying Attention? Lindsay will rest up and return to the set of The Masked Singer Australia on Tuesday.

That statement certainly seems to suggest Lohan wasn’t well after a gruelling filming session, but the actress decided to post a video showing her followers how she was spending her Sunday with a post on Instagram captioned;

“Had to stay home and rinse my hair tonight”

While there’s some doubt over when the video was taken, the posting of the video is bad timing when Lohan failed to show up for a committent.

The caption also comes across like a bit of an “up-yours” to everyone involved with her schedule.

However, it’s unlikely the video was filmed in Sydney due to the super yachts in the background, but to most observers it appears Lindsay had snubbed Have You Been Paying Attention? for a day on a boat.

And that is not going to help those headlines go away.

But maybe, just maybe, that’s the point?