STUDIO 10 drops 2 'F' bombs in 20 seconds

Sarah Harris was shocked when the F bomb was dropped live on Studio 10

It was the clip that made headlines around the country but how did we all miss the fact there wasn’t just one F bomb dropped on STUDIO 10… there were two!

The perils of live television have been exposed this week with a contestant from The Bachelor dropping the F bomb during a segment on Studio 10. Personal trainer Rachael Arahill was asked if she had anything to say to a cardboard cutout of Bachelor Matt Agnew

Her response was simple;

“I’ll just leave it with a simple one, fu*king dog”

Gasps could be heard in the studio and host Sarah Harris quickly threw to a commercial break.

But just 20 seconds earlier another F bomb had been dropped.

While the panel were talking to fellow evictee Nikki about her decision to wear a cheerleading outfit Rachael is heard saying;

“He was like ‘what the actual fu*k’”

You can watch the video in the player below:

It’s unknown whether any of the hosts heard this exchange due to the fact their reactions were covered by vision being played at the time.

TV Blackbox can reveal no official complaints have been made to Channel 10 about the incident.

Live television is unpredictable… and that’s a good thing! I have real sympathy for the hosts and producers of Studio 10 trying to deal with a situation like this. There is no way they could have known the contestant was going to go off the rails like this.

It’s certainly not the first time a swear word has been uttered or an offensive joke has been said… and it certainly won’t be the last. We had plenty of similar situations when I was there.

But that’s the risk… and beauty of live TV - you never know what’ll happen next.