EXCLUSIVE | SEVEN's new shows so bad episodes dropped as major changes take place

2019 is turning into Channel 7’s very own annus horribilis as the network goes from one ratings disaster to the next. Now the new slate of programs about to launch are in major trouble and executives are panicking.

The real TV story of 2019 has been how bad Channel 7 is performing outside of news and sport. Its entertainment offerings have failed to find an audience and after the ‘resignation’ of former CEO Tim Worner pressure is mounting to deliver a hit.

This year My Kitchen Rules lagged behind a resurgent Maried At First Sight on Nine, The Super Switch was bumped from the main channel to 7flix and The Proposal premiered to a paltry 307,000 metro viewers. These are just a few examples of the issues facing the network.

So it’s no surprise all shows currently in development are facing scrutiny and it turns out executives do not like what they are seeing.

Sources tell TV Blackbox major reshoots and re-edits are currently taking place on the highly promoted The Real Dirty Dancing. The short run series starring Hugh Sheridan, Anne Edmonds, Firass Dirani, Anna Heinrich, Jamie Durie, Jessica Rowe, Jude Bolton and Stephanie Rice was expected to have 5 or 6 episodes but that has now been chopped back to 4 due to a lack of content.

We can also reveal the cast are being brought back in for pick-ups where they are spending hours and hours going over the same topics as producers look for fresh angles in an attempt to cobble together a compelling story.

This is despite the fact the finale has already been shot in front of a live studio audience.

The cast of Seven’s The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night

The news comes as The Real Full Monty: Ladies’ Night also undergoes a “drastic” re-edit before its premiere.

Word from executive ranks is the network knows it doesn’t have enough gas in the tank to win the year and has accepted Nine will claim the year in total people.

All energy is now being focused on launching strong in 2020. TV Tonight has already reported that Bevan Lee’s new drama Between Two Worlds has been pushed back to 2020 and Dan Bennett (co-host of the TV Blackbox podcast and drama executive) says the network wants to ensure it has the best chance to succeed by giving it a strong lead-in.

There’s no doubt nervous executives do not want more failures under new CEO James Warburton and production teams are feeling the pressure from the top down to make these shows work.

*Seven has not been contacted for comment as they do not take any approach from the writer of this TV Blackbox article seriously. They have also questioned my ethics and their sheer arrogance makes it a waste of time.


Seven has been in contact and advise only 4 episodes were commissioned of The Real Dirty Dancing. This is despite TV Tonight also claiming “The Eureka Productions series expected to run about 4 or 5 episodes”. David Wilson, manager of Jessica Rowe has also backed this up on twitter. It is unfortunate I am not in a position to have these conversations with Seven before publication (you can read why HERE).

We note no other element of the story has been challenged.