REVIEW | Mo money, no problem when you've Karim in your corner - SYDNEY'S CRAZY RICH ASIANS #PilotWeekAU

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It’s another world when you have a personal concierge on speed-dial to address your every whim. For SYDNEY’S CRAZY RICH ASIANS it’s just like any other day.

Karim is a man with ideas and all the connections you need to keep even the most discerning of clients happy. When it comes to Lu Lu, her vain daughter Crystal, her dog Manolo, and family friend and “international beauty queen” Emily, Karim has his hands full. That’s all before we get to “Yacht King” Jeffrey, the super-mega-rich party boy.

From arranging an in-home rehydrating drop session after a big night out, to private swimming lessons, to arranging a huge charity event to support the Sydney dog and cat home Karim is the man “who can make anything happen”.

SYDNEY’S CRAZY RICH ASIANS follows the opulent lives of six very ‘extra’ characters and Karim, who waits on their every want and need… no matter the cost (and it would be sizeable).

The episode is given some life due to Lee-Lin Chin’s narration. They are lacking her usual sass yet they are still head and shoulders above Crystal’s hero interviews, which appear to be some kind of fetishistic ASMR audition. It also contains the most awkward series of three dates ever put to air.

If you can wade through the excess and are willing to be amazed at the demands being met with aplomb and courtesy then you’ll probably enjoy this show. As a one-off it’s fine enough however a series would quickly lose steam as audiences wouldn’t hang around to see offensively rich people expecting uber-privileged service, unless we got to see the invoice at the end of the month to bring it all in perspective.

Karim better be charging his customers like a wounded Milanese bull.

SYDNEY’S CRAZY RICH ASIANS - pilot (60 min) airs Sunday 8 September 9pm on 10.