REVIEW | "Available most days, school hours only" - PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES #PilotWeekAU

Alex (Nicola Parry) & Val (Heidi Arena) are PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES
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Val and Alex are just ordinary school mums. They meet at the gate every morning as they drop the kids off, and again in the arvo to pick the kids up. Conversations about others, missing school lunch boxes and looking for school hours work are the menu of the day.

So it makes sense that Val (Heidi Arena) and Alex (Nicola Parry) decide their best way to control their destiny is to become PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES.

As a failed social work student and recently-divorced former marketing manager with more time on their hands between 9 and 3 than they’re happy about, they manage to secure a job from Karen (Nadine Garner) who is worried her husband Ian (Alex Papps) is doing the dirty on her.

Arena and Parry, well known to viewers as “those two ladies from Thank God You’re Here”, have an obvious chemistry on-screen that radiates, and the added weight of Garner and Papps in comedic roles offers significant colour to the show. The comedy is sharp at times and broad at others (farting in a closet, anyone?) though it doesn’t detract from what is a fun episode that would do well if given a full series run.

Any vehicle that gives actors such as Arena and Parry the chance to show their chops is definitely worth spending your time on.

PART-TIME PRIVATE EYES - pilot (30 min) airs Tuesday 10 September 8:30pm on 10.