REVIEW | Room for rent, some conditions - MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE #PilotWeekAU

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Millennials don’t really want to live at home with their parents, and they definitely don’t want to live at home with eighty year old people they don’t know. So let’s put them together and hope comedy ensues - this is MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE.

You know we’re in trouble when it’s called a “social" experiment”. This is essentially a game show where two independent elder Australians - puritan John, from the Shire, and randy Christa (Billich!), in the city - potentially open their houses to one lucky young person to live with them rent free provided they pitch in around the home. It’s not that simple though…

The original applicants get interviewed and John and Christa pick two to trial for three days before selecting their winner who ostensibly moves in… in the same way the Bachelor picks a lady and they live happily ever after for a day or two.

The premise isn’t enough to carry even the pilot for the full 60 minutes. There’s only so much fish out of water action you can cope when it’s a young person and an old person disagreeing over how things have changed between them over the years. HILARITY ENSUES apparently.

“And please…no bonking.” Good grief.

MY 80-YEAR OLD FLATMATE - pilot (60 min) airs Friday 13 September 8:30pm on 10.