REVIEW | Sydney's self-styled PR Queen welcomes us into to her life - I AM ROXY | #PilotWeekAU

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Roxy Jacenko runs her own PR firm and has a higher profile (in Sydney) than most of her clients. This glimpse into her life is an unnecessary and “uncensored foray“ into a world of vanity and excess - this is I AM ROXY.

She’s parlayed her fame into same for her kids Pixie and Hunter as Instagram influencers. Her former-stockbroker husband Oliver Curtis went to jail for 12 months for insider trading just as she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

To attempt to transform her life into a Kardashian-style reality empire is the natural evolution of all things Roxy, where she is the star and everything - EVERYTHING - revolves around her.

This vacuous, vapid and vitriolic self-promoter does not need the attention. There is no need to reward bad behaviour by watching this 30 minutes of over-privileged, self-absorbed dross.

#nofilter, no fucks, no interest. Don’t do it to yourself.

I AM ROXY - pilot (30 min) airs Wednesday 11 September 8:40pm on 10.