TV BLACKBOX exclusive confirmed: Seven looking for AUSTRALIA'S TOP DOG GROOMER

Australia’s top dog groomer is coming to Channel 7


The Seven network is hoping a new dog grooming show can lift its fortunes in what has been a tough year for its entertainment offerings.

Earlier this week TV Blackbox revealed channel 7 was working on a dog grooming show in the latest episode of our podcast (which you can listen to below).

That exclusive has now been confirmed with a posting by the network seeking dog groomers and dog owners for a new series called Australia’s Top Dog Groomer.

According to the application website:

‘Australia’s Top Dog Groomer’ is looking for passionate dog groomers to show us their amazing designs and talent and compete for an epic prize.

Be part of a truly ‘pawesome’ experience and Apply Now!

The network is currently airing a program in the same genre called Dog’s Behave (very) badly, which has had moderate success. On Tuesday night it was the 12th highest rating program (5 city metro) with 519,000 viewers. Seven will be hoping to build on those numbers with this format, which is one of a few productions currently in development to take on a resurgent Nine.

TV Blackbox can also reveal producers at Seven are working on a dominoes and a studio based singing show.

The singing show will shoot from the end of October until the end of November, meaning a four week shoot. As it is a studio based format there are whispers it could be a live show. While network executives are playing their cards close to their chests for fear of more leaks, there is talk it could be a heritage brand coming back into prime time, although this is unconfirmed.

The dominoes show appears to be Seven’s attempt to cash in on the success of Nine’s Lego Masters and will provide great visuals when the dominoes are set off. But can dominoes, singing and dogs attract an audience big enough to keep the network in the number 1 position? That’s the big question facing nervous executives as new CEO James Warburton settles in. The new boss has already been critical of Seven’s ‘tired’ programs, telling 7 News;

“Some of the formats are in their tenth or eleventh season and, you kno0w, some of them are aging”

So now the big question is will Warburton be happy with these shows in production or will he want bold new ideas?

Watch this space!

*Seven has not been contacted for comment as they do not take any approach from TV Blackbox seriously. They also question our ethics and their sheer arrogance makes it a waste of time