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Joined again this week by Stephen Brook we discuss the latest in the Australian TV landscape and who elbowed who (and how is that still a story?!), what really is happening to Home & Away, and Molk launches a new segment!

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On this episode:

  • TVBB EXCLUSIVE: What is really happening with the future of HOME & AWAY?

  • The team weigh in on the Sunrise team v MAFS Martha in ELBOWGATE.

  • Netflix have bowed to pressure and reduce the instances of actors depicting smoking on screen.

  • What has happened to JULIE BISHOP's big TV pitch?

  • Rob raises the issue of Networks finding ways around the classification limits.

  • Sarah delivers this week's HATCHES & DISPATCHES.

  • Molk talks about the future of MAFS, AUSTRALIAN SURVIVOR, THE VOICE and THE SUPER SWITCH.

  • Stephen delivers this week's BIG ISSUE: How far is too far in competitive television journalism?

  • Rob, Sarah, Stephen and Molk share their current viewing obsessions.

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this's TV black box bringing you the inside gauss from the TV industry . Hello there and welcome to TV Black Bugs . I m Rob McKnight and you can find me at Robert Underscore McKnight on social Media . Ondas Usual . We're joined by actress extraordinaire Sarah Monohan . Who ? You confined it . Trim tank . How you're going to say her load today , Sarah , Was she mushy on ? Where's that from ? It's how you answer the phone in Japan . Okay , good to know We also have the viewers . Advocate Steve Mulcahy . Khun followed by searching for Steve Mulk . All mugs , TV talk . Hello , Steve . I'm watching ash body . Shut up ! Well , can you watch ash body ? Is it actually being broadcast this time ? Yeah , conveniently it is . But it's still in standard definition and I am flicking between that and Ninja Warrior . We'll try not to let this podcast that we slave away on do our hardest to produce getting your way , Monk . I've never let it get in the way before yet Rob you sons of bitches on Also joining us once again is former editor of the Australians Media Section . Stephen Brooke , who is also a former media writer at the guardian , and you can find him on Twitter at Viscount Brookie with a lovely doctor who reference Hello , Brookie , you have my full attention , Rob , You can stay . There's a lot to talk about this week . Coming up in this edition of TV Black Box , Julie Bishop has copped a lot of flack this week over her interviews . Siri's pitch . But what's the real truth behind the Storey ? Why the voice finale finished twenty minutes early ? How far is too far when it comes to beating your opposition ? Big changes in the world of programming and we'll find out what the team has been watching this week . If you like the podcast , don't leave a five star review and coming on our agents , and you probably heard me say this every week and you haven't gone and done it . I'd like you to hit pause right now on your podcast and go on . Believe that five star review with the lovely comment . It will help us thank you on for more television related content and exclusives . Go to TV Black box . Don't come down on you . Let's get into the news and we'll begin with a storey that has blown up around the world after it was published on the TV black box dot com dot ru . Website pressure is mounting on Channel seven's executives to fix its seven p M time slot with home in a way , dropping around four hundred fifty thousand viewers each night from the six PM news . Kevin Perry reports there are multiple options on the table , including returning today tonight to the East Coast , but at the new time of seven PM , allowing it to go head to head with a current affair . To do this , Harmon Away would move toe a later time slot after the nightly reality offerings for New Time would allow the show to better embrace more adult oriented storylines . Another , more radical option being considered would see five new episodes of Herman Away Premier each Friday evening on streaming Platform seven . Plus those episodes were Denby , broadcast across the next week on multi Channel seven to look and just to be clear on this TV black box has never suggested the show is being axed . Despite what has been reported here and around the world , we only ever said the move was being considered , Brookie . I'm sure you have thoughts on this I do on . There's so much going on and I think the demographics for home in a way , not just the ratings have been a longstanding issue that has been a problem for years , and suddenly it's become exacerbated older viewers . A lot of weird enough retirees watching what's meant to be a sort of youth orientated drama , It seems more and more likely with these storeys and what we were talking about last week that today , tonight is going to be back . My solution actually would be to drop the hour long news down half a Knauer put today tonight in there , but you've still got this massive the drop off . I remember the old days when they were so pees on before the news in earlier times . Lot say around five thirty that we're disrupting Coming away was on its six when the news was a tte six thirty . Yeah , which was a solution . Would they dare to move the news back to six thirty have half an hour that and half on hour off today ? Tonight ? I don't think so . I think later at night that presents problems because then you pushing back your post reality TV offering two half an hour later and you still got the problem with the dropoff occurring for the suite of new dramas or other reality shows you wantto launch after my kitchen rules , etcetera , etcetera . Upshot . There's no really easy way around this . I think there's one thing I would say . I don't see a pullback tow a half hour news being an option because the six to seven o'clock time slot can easily get a million viewers a night on increased their overall share and nothing else is getting a million viewers a night . And you've got the new service there giving that to you every night , then the drop offs having happening for home . In a way , I would think the most likely scenario is that consolidating that base of older viewers who watched the news and unlikely to what your current affairs programme on DH . That's why today , tonight could actually , from seven to seven thirty , increase Channel seven's overall nightly average because they're holding those viewers longer . I think news and current affairs has become a mainstay of commercial television , you know , there used to be a lot of argie bargy between news departments and programming because programming never valued news . Now they're relying on it for their bread and butter and their rating . So it's been a complete turnaround . Aussie drama is not a mainstay , so much correct . Create it for the quota . You've got to satisfy the government regulations . And today , sorry . Home in a way , is a lot off our into that schedule . You could do up ten has done and put it on a digital channel . The thing is , it's a massive cash cow for seven . I'm sure its UK deal with Channel five would pay for the entire production and then some . So everything else is just pure profit . There is no suggestion . Home , in a way is going anywhere . As far as being axed , I think the most likely scenario is news for an hour . TT for half a Knauer and this idea of launching Homan away on the streaming platform . Well , if you're trying to get your streaming services known to the public , this is a good way of doing that , Isn't it , Mark ? Yeah , Look , it would be an interesting approach , that's for sure . There's no question that Kevin put the cat among the pigeons not just in Australia , but certainly through the UK as well . With this storey , lots of different publications picked it up and ran storeys about it . I think you'd be crazy to drop TT into anywhere but seven o'clock like you want to see that guy begins a and nine s o . That does . Then leave us the question of what the hell happens to home . In a way , they're not going to cancel it . I think there's still too much life in it yet I'm not sure that the corps home , in a way audience is going to want to jump over to seven plus and watch it , though . Well , here's some more good use for Channel seven , despite their executives wanting the whole storey to go away . L Bogey just keeps going and going . And if you don't know what Elbow Gate is , it all started on sunrise the morning after the low . Gee's got bruises in the ribs from the married at first sight woman who elbowed me on that the eyes , not the eyes above a couldn't pick her out of a lineup . But God , she could . She had attitude get between Martha and camera . That's not . You've only got fifteen minutes . We owe you one . I mean e o u . That's a wild journey of the leg . Just to be clear , the claims of being pushed involved Reality star Martha from nines rating . Blockbuster Married at first sight since there there are being claims and counter claims over what really happened . Daily mail even did a timeline of events with for talks photographic evidence showing that they weren't together . But Martha has posted this message in response today . But she refused to apologise for lying about the elbowing incident , and he just thinks that I don't deserve an apology . He just thinks that because I was on a reality TV show and I'm a reality TV star that I don't deserve to get an apology from him , perhaps that I'm beneath him . But I'm a person and , like I have feelings . And Sam and Koch have caused me so much stress and anxiety these past few days . I feel like it's just so unnecessary , like for what ? I don't even know for ratings like , I don't know why they would do it , but it's at the expense of my well being , and it's not fair There was a clip today taken outside the sunrise building by some reporter that I saw on the Daily Mail and I saw today . Even Mark Beretta today is claiming that I also Albert him , and he also has a bruised now . So now I have not one but two high profile media personalities that I've never met , claiming I've physically assaulted them . And then sources from Channel seven said something that , like , I need to lighten up . I've been falsely accused of assaulting two grown men like I'm not lightening up . I just feel like I don't know what sort of show they're running at sunrise . Like , how desperate are they ? I didn't ask for any of this . Every keeps going on about me trying to milk my fifteen minutes of fame like I didn't ask for this , that they brought this up and they have continued toe love and lock me every morning on their show on their platform . I just feel like that just goes to show you that they're no better than the thousands of trolling messages I've received over the past few months . I'm not looking to go back and forth with these people . I don't want this to continue . I just wanted to clear my name . So Kaci , I never elbowed you . Mark . I never Albert you . Natalie . Ugh . I feel like I never gave you any attitude . I've never even met you . We've never exchanged two words despite there being hundreds of photographers , hundreds of videographers and reporters at the low years . There's not one ounce of evidence backing their claims . I'm just going to leave it at that . Thank you , guys . So she has a point . There is no evidence , but there probably was a bit of just laying on the red carpet . Let's just say that even happened . It obviously has been built up is a bit of a joke on sunrise . But is she right ? Is this bullying ? I'm just going to put it this way . Every time I saw call on the news in the US , it was because he was being funny . And the only time I ever see seven on the news in the US it's because they are slandering some international star or even a local star . S o . You know , when they had Bebo , whether it was a car dash , Ian or several other people that have made news in the States . It's because this person was on TV in Australia and they acted like they acted very badly . And I'm like , Is that like their stick ? Is that how they make more news ? Because it's time and time again any time someone behaves badly in Australia that has never behaved badly on TV in the U . S . Or even any other Australian TV show , it's on Lee on the seven morning show , and this is interesting . And so and I see that I'm always like what you know . Maybe there was jostling . Maybe they were walking down the red carpet . Maybe she was in heels , you know , maybe they were joking around or whatever , and I got taken out of light . But I find it fascinating that it's always seven that people seem to misbehave on , even though they never bad anywhere else . We'll come back to Martha in a moment . It's interesting you say this because as I was skimming through sunrise looking for the clip today , I found another clip and I just went , Oh my gosh , someone's just become nasty . I'm going to play that to you , and then we'll get back to the market stuff . Brit and I had a drink with Channel ten last way . They took over the bar of the hotel . They got a They got a lot of things last night . E o . You know , it's hard to hear , but the comment wass They've got more low G's than viewers , some bitchy e Just remember and I've worked on sunrise in the past , and sunrise was the family , you know . It was all about the family and friendship . And , you know , going up and rebuilding houses for cyclones and things like that has sunrise just turned bitchy ? Well , when did that change take place ? Rob went seriously . I could totally understand what you're saying and I acknowledge the Sunrise family . Even that was the card that you were encouraged to join up and you got that gave you discounts and stuff . When did all of that stop happening ? Well , I don't know if you're going to say when Bowler left or when Sam Cane . I was going to suggest that the executive producer changes Andi , Look , it's anecdotal . At best . I'm not even going to suggest there's any kind of math laid in on that . The stupid thing about this whole thing . This whole thing is stupid like , Well , they doubled down on it . They didn't go our look way over in the pudding , which they always Yeah . I mean , if they've got bruises , pull up your shirt and show us the bruises because they haven't got bruises . That's just a load of B s . But she's got a point there defaming her , using her of physical abuse . And that's a hell of a charge . It is the entire sunrise breakfast hosting crew bar Sam Mack having a swing at one person who , by the way , bitchy like the bitchiness that came through in that first clip , was it Sam Armitage , I think , said I couldn't pick it from a lineup . Sam Mohr People in Australia ? No , that woman's face and name than yours . I don't know . I don't know about that . Sunrise is a very popular show , but it is an interesting Yeah , but some eyes is there every day . But I always hear this argument where people accuse people of wanting their fifteen minutes of fame , and that's how they write them off . Well , why shouldn't this woman what her fifteen minutes of fame because everyone on sunrise or every programme every star wants their fifteen minutes of fame white make What makes you so much better than these people ? And why shouldn't they have their shop ? That's a bullshit argument , isn't it that the whole idea that just because someone has been on a reality television programme on a rival channel that was the highest rating programme this year , what would they have attacked ? A Channel seven reality star kitchen rules ? Hell , no , even if that person had come up and pushed them out of the way . Steven , let me just ask one last question on this executive producer Mike Appel sent a message to the Daily Mail on Twitter , saying , Your obsession with this non storey is more , but your fever pitch is everyone else's . Don't care . Move on . It's boring when you've created the storey , Do you then have the right to demand ? People stop talking about it and the daily mallard doing this storey every day because it's obviously getting clicks , and that's what the Daily Mail's about or any news website is about . Oh , completely . I actually interpreted Michael Pell's message has been specifically about a line , the daily mail was running about Kashi being absent . They made a factual error on Diamond is absent every Friday , and that's been the case for quite a long time . So I think that is what got his sort of ire . I disagree with their run . I think it's a bit of a non Storey that Martha sounded like . She's actually on an episode of Maths with Peace . Teo about to tip about a glass of wine over someone because she was sort of miffed . I thought that Sunrise were treating it a bit as a joke . What I think is interesting is that Sunrise were doing opposed Loki show up at the Gold Coast because that hasn't always been the case over the past couple of years going to show that the Low G's is once again a big deal , which is fabulous , which is fabulous because we all think the logo is a big deal . So he loved the fact that Queensland's getting showcased . I've moved to Queensland love Queensland on DH , showcasing it tio the nation and it's a good investment from the local government , I would say . Meanwhile , streaming service Netflix is banning depictions of smoking across programmes with a rating of TV fourteen or below , which is a bit like an M classifications in Australia . According to Variety , new shows that fall within this classifications will exclude the use of cigarettes and e cigarettes , with the exception ofthe reasons of historical or factual accuracy . Netflix also says future projects with more adult ratings will generally curb the practise as well , unless it's essential to the creative vision off the artist or because it's character defining historically or culturally important mark . Should television curve the way it represents RIA life ? I mean , people do smoke , and it's not illegal yet . E . I think that in the same way that we have legislated that tobacco advertising can't take place because we don't want young people , Tio , take it up a past time of those sorts of things . I think it's not an unreasonable thing to see these kinds of classifications play into television under those kind surprises . It's how much smoking because , like Matt and I were actually talking about this a couple of weeks ago because on regular TV in the U . S . And a lot of smoke anymore , but it seems like everyone all of the tobacco companies went to Netflix because we were watching binge watching some shows , and it's like every single character is smoking in every single scene . Were like nobody smokes is much in real life , like how many like And that was a thing and we were actually having the discussion a couple months ago . About Is Netflix the only place that people are allowed to smoke anymore ? And are they being funded ? Conspiracy theory alert . You know me , other conspiracy theorist . E think , Sarah Sarah . You cannot underestimates the subterranean marketing effort that the cigarette companies must be going , too , in order to try and , in a subliminal way at least , get their products in the public eye . I don't know how they're doing that , but if you've seen a sudden increase in Netflix smoking at the same time that has vanished from other forms of TV , I find it really interesting . Well , and as a non smoker , it's like I notice it , but it's like we make fun of how much people smoke on TV because we like they must go through six packs a day because they're just constantly in every single scene and , like eighteen characters like I couldn't imagine being on this set or being an actor and having to smoke on set that much because , like , how do they speak of the end of the day ? It's just last week we reported on a new TV show being pitched , starring Julie Bishop . And according to The Australian , the Conversation with Julie Bishop is a big budget new TV show that would be filmed all over the world with names like Princess Mary , Oprah and Michelle Obama . Paper says the ambitious and expensive format bishops propose show has been a source of amusement among penny pinching network executives . But the man behind the pitch , Andrew Garrick , has disputed some of the claims posting on Twitter . So you quietly suggest to an executive TV network that a show built around someone genuinely clever could be good to make on day leave the entire pitch Classy industry , this one for everyone's clarity . We went to Julie Bishop . She wasn't onboard . Jeff Bishop has been the subject of ridicule over the past week because of the league and to be out front . I've even commented publicly that the show will never get picked up . But Sarah , it's very unusual for a pitch to be made public . This is poor form from someone , isn't it ? It is especially since it wasn't her idea . They someone else thought of the idea , went to her . And I liked the idea . Like you guys , I thought it was silly , but I just thought that expensive . Well , yeah , and they have to make it cheaper . Or , you know , maybe she could get some government funding involved , Teo , but I think that's kind of shitty . I mean , if you go to a network with a pitch , isn't that supposed to be confidential ? Because otherwise someone else , Khun , steal it before you know it's like chatter . House rules , right ? You know , you go into a pitch and you're supposed to be open and have the platform to be open . And otherwise how do you do ? How do you do a pitch properly if you have to be guarded and it's bad form , it's bad form and seems political to me in a way , Tio make her look bad . It was probably someone who didn't like her well , Australia's Frida , where networks air splitting M rated programmes in half in order to play them in an earlier time , slot , according to TV Tonight on Saturday , Channel nine screens Casino Royal at seven p . M . With a PG rating . Then , just before eight thirty , the network used a cliffhanger to break up the movie , with the title saying to be continued on Rann credits to comply with the rules . Moments later , the movie resumed with an M classifications under the commercial television industry Code of practise M rated TV programmes Khun Screen from seven thirty p . M . But Emma rated movies are still restricted toe eight thirty start , but M aerated content Khun Be screened on ABC and CBS from seven thirty . Stephen . It does seem a bit unfair to not have a level playing field , but should emigrated content beyond it's seven thirty on any channel . Yes , I think that we are grown up enough in this age , off screaming , scream , streaming and YouTube to be ableto get M rated content earlier in the evening . It's always up to parents to use their discretion , and we're gonna remember that M is a ray recommended classifications . The recommendation is serve Ewing only by person aged fifteen or over . Emma is no more graphic in the whole lots of ways and that's judged to be suitable for viewing only by people aged over fifteen . What are we looking at ? We're looking at films like The Elton John by Big Rocket Man , which was M rated . Main occurs the swearing , I think , but something like Bohemian Rhapsody was PG . So interesting scheduling Dodge by Channel nine , I think a few weeks earlier with The Lord of the Rings , Siri's , which a similar break in format . Look , I think the issue here , though , is that kids do watch TV and they do flick . And I've got to say I'm actually not as concerned about thiss as I am when I hear swearing on a show pitched it . Families like I'm a celebrity . Get me out of here . You know , my kids love that show , and we've been on there and heard words like Dick aired and things like that . And I said , Making go , Hang on . This is not what I'm signing up for , even on a PG classifications , because you know you're pitching it family friendly and the other issue if I'm fashion , but I'm over swearing , I'm over swearing on programmes like you and I am definitely over swearing on Twitter where it seems every second journalist who would have a dream off saying something on the TV news is swearing away on Twitter . Ridiculous . A grumpy old man . But we all know that they swear like troopers anyway , don't we , Brooke ? You , like they put on their best day in the pub may be fine , but all the newsroom let's be honest , well , over the airwaves , not so much . But I think the thing here is that , you know , like a bit of a bugbear of mine is when you are watching family friendly entertainment , whether it's master share for Lego Masters or anything like that on DH , then you will get a news update . And for thirty to sixty seconds you are hearing about the worst things in humanity you're hearing about killings , murders and all this kind of thing . So your kids air suddenly subjected to that when I don't let my kids watch the news . In fact , we don't put the news services on to make sure that our kids don't see that . You know , I'm having a really issue . I had I babysat for some friends and their kids stay over , and I watched the news and there was a storey about a paedophile , and I'm kind of like , What do I do here ? This is too much parenting than I'm competent Tio . They probably didn't care . Brooke it out , too busy watching YouTube play with his one good game afterwards but felt moments of intense discomfort because I don't know howto handle that and six or seven PM peak exactly and exempt from this classification . But you make a choice to watch news , and so I , Khun live with it within the news . But when you're transferring news into other programmes , that is a bit of an issue for May on DH , You know , people go on about YouTube . I feel much better with my kids watching people play Minecraft games . You know , they watch all those kind of videos on YouTube much better viewing than when they're getting across this crap . But anyway , now it's time for hatches and dispatches with Sarah Thanks Rob . Australian actor John Jarod has been found not guilty of raping his house meet more than forty years ago , According to seven news , sixty six year old Wolf Creek stars pleaded not guilty in the New South Wales district court to raping a woman in nineteen seventy six at the Sydney house he shared with his wife , Rosa Miano , and at least one other person , Jared's lawyer , Chris Murphy , has announced via Twitter . Nationwide news will be served papers regarding Defamation action Nines Digital team is being cut back with the announcement of a handful of redundancies as it looks to restructure and simplify its digital offering , Mme Umbrella reports . Digital editorial director Kari L . Stuff said the change was to better reflect nines . TV offering Channel seven has announced reality TV talent show Australia's Got will be coming to Sunday's The movie's surprised many who seemed it would be on multiple times a week on Network ten is expanding its horse racing coverage to include key international events and major races in Great Britain and France . Alongside this broadcast of the Melbourne Cup , the international coverage is a result of a deal between Network ten and Tab courts racing broadcaster Sky Racing , and that is this week Catches and structures . Thank you , Sarah Still to come . Why the voice finale finished twenty minutes early . How far is too far when it comes to betting your opposition big changes in the world of programming , and we'll find out what the team's been watching . Thiss week . You're listening to TV Black Box , the place where people who work in the industry find out what's going on in the industry . The's rial confessions saying I wanted to kill my mother's from rial Serial killer's Got to be violent Best Selling True Crime offer Amanda Howlett doesn't just talk about their crimes . She talks directly to the podcast that goes where others fear to tread . Monsters who murder serial killer confessions Subscribe Now , in your favourite podcast on Now it's time for the programming wrapped with Mulk . Before we get into that Rob , I just wanted to say Alex Cusack is the first person to complete the Ninja Warrior course in this season . On Alex Cusack is who Mark he is about to start in . S PS is the hunting for part drama that includes Richard Roxburgh . Pamela Rabe about two teachers who find some naked pics of another student on a kid's phone , becomes a massive sexting scandal within the school , and he competed in Ninja Warrior needs . You worried Tonight , Point of order robbed that monsters who murdered a promo have a PG rating well , podcaster outside the classification laws , but it's actually a much longer if you keep doing primaries like that . McKnight Bonds My kids do walk around the house saying Serial killer confessions directly to them . Let's get programming right with the plethora of reality dating shows on TV , Are you still looking for love ? How is that even possible ? Nine have confirmed Married at first sight is going back into production with news . They're experts John Akinde , Mel Shilling and Tricia Stratford , deep in a bunker matching couples and preparing for the audition interviews . Their complete lack of success at matching any couple to last Mohr than a couple of years , let alone weeks that the show is on air has led many to question their credentials , let alone their ability to do the job they are well compensated for . Even News Corp's Fiona Burn , given the job of the softest interview possible , got this out of shilling and bacon . We want people in this experiment that want to be there , said Chilling . Aitken added , This is not just about drama . For us , the drama is a byproduct . Let's just think about that . Just about the drama . For us , the drum is a byproduct . That's Freudian , isn't it ? It's really about trying to match people really well and trying to get that Love Storey , which they have failed to do for eight seasons . Brookie , I can al deluded . Or are we supposed to take these responses even remotely ? Seriously ? Well , you give me such a choice . I think it's it's black and white may come on . Clearly it's television , so the producers are in charge . I've always thought that the role of these people is to put on concerned face while all hell is breaking loose on DH really , occasionally sort of frowned there frowns of disapproval and step right out of the way and let the conflict , which is , you know , the sub atomic particles of drama continue on its merry way toe massive ratings on DH . That's certainly what they've done . I guess the challenge in this Rob Sarah is that we have three people who have professional careers in these fields . And are they not just tossing them away ? By coming on this show and looking completely inept ? A marriage counsellor loses their job . It's actually finished . The marriage fixed the marriage right that's considered well . Hello anyway . I wonder if Australian audiences are ready for a love Storey that actually works out in the middle of this maelstrom off angst and anger and cat fights . And , of course , we are lucky . That's why the bachelor and bachelor Red are still on TV , but they don't rate is high . Well , I just wondered if you had one good news Storey and married at first sight . It would be great how the viewers would react . But let's be honest , these psychologists are not making any of the decisions . Every decision is being made by producers . They're going for drama extreme , And I know of a psychologist who will never go back to reality TV because they did not like their experience within the genre . And these psychologists are making that choice to be there and be part of it and take their money and fame three days to them and they'll still have a business on the other side . It doesn't matter if their profession in their peers look down on them . They will still be able to cash in on this moment of thank crazy . Have you got to be to go to these people for professional help . If you just say they're good at their job , they're just not in control here . That za tough sell to get someone in the door there , Rob Rob is right . I think that this will get , um , business because they do a good job of appearing concerned , and I have seen them way about your mother . E have seen them pull up occasionally , contestants , etcetera when I have been watching the show . But yet , well , this whole controversy that they pulled up the wrong person , though there was a big backlash about that . And then the decision to let bloody Jessica stay in the show after she saw that was juices come on . But it wasn't the producers that came out and said , Our decision is that's the smoke and mirrors of television mould rubbish anyway . Bullshit . Our wonderful friends attend this week confirmed the TV Black box exclusive from the middle of May that former Olympian and Senator Nova Peris had joined the cast off the upcoming Siri's of Survivor Australia champions versus contenders , announcing today that the fourth season of tens franchise would commence on Wednesday , July twenty fourth . It also signalled that master chef would have its finale the Tuesday night immediately prior . We are still toe have confirmed by ten that a fifth season is being rushed into production . Teo Aaron Early , twenty twenty Sara has your application going ? Oh , I don't know if my publicist has gotten I mean for me yet . Bloody hell , What's he doing ? Would you prefer Survivor or I'm a celebrity ? Serra , I think I think celebrity seems a bit more cushy . I mean , they both have to eat gross things . They both have to do physical things . But survive actually looks like it's work and I'm kind of lazy . I could lay around a jungle for ten weeks and be fine . I'm just wide severely about the amount of food you get on either programme . I'm not very much . Well , I did that starvation diet . Think for fourteen days , remember ? And I can go days without food now Interesting that the whole cast hasn't been released yet . No survivor . We at least know of Pierre Miranda , who is going into Survivor on , will be there but hasn't fixed the promise . And there are other names on the TV black box website . If you'd like to go searching . Interesting . That is standard . They love to triple that stuff out . And then it's all in The Sunday Telegraph on Sunday , Herald Sun the week before and how crazy is that going ? Tobe ? A . It'll be all of that on acid when the masked singer starts , because it's all little teased tidbits that will be amazing . I'm so looking forward to that . I reckon we'll find out before the show finishes , as in TV . Black Box will find out before we find out everything . But the question will be whether we print it , because I have I have views on . We have a relationship with ten . That would mean that we wouldn't just rush to print on it . Well , look , I mean , I'm all for journalism . I telling people what's going on . But I think also , when you're reporting on television , you do have to take into consideration your audience on you want to ruin the experience for them by letting them know what's going on ahead of time . That is so I think , there , and we've talked about this a lot . I think there is a difference between revealing the cast is going to be reeled in episode one anyway , as opposed to who is behind them are singer because that is a whole different proposition that nature holds . Show used to find out who the people are , and you get that you've got a trump . Work it out like there's ways for us to publish that if we found that out without spoiling it but allowing people that wanted to Noto hunted out anyone still trying to get over finding out who killed lower a palm ahead of time . Horrible journalists in the Sun Herald ruined it for me when I was in your eleven . Or let's move on . Season eight Off the Voice . Australia has been run and won . Former contestant Diana Rufus delivered to studying performances last night , podcast time to take out the title , allowing her coach boy George , to bask in her reflected glory . The Siri's performed consistently for nine , and the finale danced around the million mark nine . Fifty five thousand for the final and one point o three . Six million for the winner . Announced TV Black Box contacted nine for comment over a couple of controversy surrounding the finale and so far we've received no comment . The voting website crashed under the weight of fans trying to support their chosen contestant and was down for the entire evening . Additionally , we've learned that technical problems plagued the live finale , possibly causing the cancellation of a much promoted performance by Delta Goodrum . Certainly something went wrong because when was the last time a live TV programme ever finished twenty minutes early ? Rob . They seem to be minor glitches for what was another successful outing of the franchise for nine . Do you think it will return in twenty twenty ? Yes , of course it will . It's done the business . In an age where it's hard to get clear , air voice is gone . Gangbusters Look , live TV is fraught with dangers . Things can go wrong . The fact that the show finished twenty minutes early suggests something big went wrong because we all know it's usual for a show to go over with the allotted time rather than under and a twenty minute under run . There's just no way that that has happened without things being dropped . And I think you were telling the mark that there was a scheduled performance from Delta and failed to materialise . So were those technical issues involved in that were there . Other performances were were scrapped . The voting issue . We had voting issue with the locals that we talked about . Thiss has affected the outcome ofthe perhaps the winner . So it surely could have because nine were heavily promoting that going into the final episode , it was the title . Just voting across the full people they have seen . Yes , And if people haven't been able to cast their vote , that does affect the outcome . And networks need to take voting seriously . I'd love to know what happened , but congratulations to the winner and congratulations to nine . Okay , it is time for a new weekly segment . What happened to the super switch this week ? Seven quietly announced today that there Wednesday night , double eps of the supposed maths killer had been bounced to the all new channel of seven flicks at Who gives a shit starting this week for the person still watching . The broadcast is only halfway through the case off all fifteen episodes available right now on seven . Plus , I have no question because we've already given this dead trout part of a show . Too much oxygen and that is the programme of ground . You are terrible . Look , it's sad when a show fails , because a lot of people work hard to make a successful show . But you know what ? Let's move on and go to the big issue with Brookie this week filling in for Dan that the Ends justify the means is one of those cliches . TV was founded on way back in eighteen fifty six . It ranks alongside that other polar orbits are off when it comes to beating the competition . Those well , one phrase is air in the air again this past week not only because of Tom Gleason's barnstorming gold Louise win , but because of a confession by Gary Lynell , the former news and current affairs boss off the nine network . The now revealed that it was he who put a call through to the Indonesian government that saw today tonight host Naomi Robson remember her and accrue from seven card affairs programme . Arrested and deported from Indonesia back in two thousand and six , the storey concerned wa wa , or little wise , we must refer to him . The six year old orphan from West Papua was at risk of being eaten alive by his tribe , who were convinced he waas a witch sixty minutes had this storey first , which media watch was correct to call an old fashioned cannibal freak show . Gosh . But then seven sent Naomi Robson to save the boy that sixty minutes left behind . At the time , Lynell said , claims that nine had tipped off Indonesian authorities to get Robeson thrown out of the country were a Ferrari go of lies and misinformation . But actually , as he revealed to the new daily website , that claim was completely true . Lynell wrote that he'd wrestled with the ethical dilemma of making the phone call for several long and excruciating seconds , and that in war you could excuse just about anything . It had to be said that Lynn Els confession in the new daily was pretty tongue in cheek , but it seems to me the main damage inflicted by this former editor of the bulletin . Sydney's Daily Telegraph , wass to himself and his own credibility . What's the panel think ? I'm a little bit tourney on this one ? Because I God when I when when you employ may I fight hard for you ? As everybody knows , I will throw bombs on Twitter and Facebook and point things out that the opposition is doing and point out what I'm doing . Great . I'm not afraid to go to war . But I think this is different . I think the fact that you jeopardised gaol for a crew for the Teo for the sake of the storey , it was they were doing the wrong thing . Well , hang on . What do you mean ? They were doing the wrong thing . They were travelling to do the storey on visitor visas . But sometimes in the pursuit of journalism , you cannot get the proper visas because governments don't want you to know storeys . So you saying journalism ? Whistleblowers then deserve everything they get ? And the ABC deserves the raids against them because they broke the law . That's what you're saying when you take that time saying that when you go into another country and their laws are very clear and look west Papua Indonesia are very , very clear about their view . But you'd never get a storey out of Iran if you run short . They weren't doing it to be great , you know , sort of holding a positive peace . Joy was his his life that was going to be eaten . Well , see , that's my other problem with this storey . Were they really ? Because the whole cannibal thing sounded to me like a tabloid beat up . Well , what if they really had ? Bean was very likely what was going to happen to his kid . Well , the question I guess we'll put out there if the kid really wass to be Slash had to be and Slash did get eaten . That's the culture . Okay To go back to Lionel's point , though , I've got a real problem with putting really lives in some kind of danger in a foreign land just because they were getting one up on you and getting something that could lead to ratings , which he admitted thiss irks me something shocking the more I think about it , tabloid journalism has a very , very poor track record of saving anybody's life . E . I think that's elitist . Sarah , do you think Caroline l went too far because he actually did get the Today tonight crew imprisoned for a short time by immigration authorities . And yeah , I think I think that's going too far . I mean , you look at now journalists who go to other countries and they're detained and beheaded or things like that . I don't I don't think that you mess with people in immigration . It's just ratings . It's like the Balibo five were killed for doing their job in the same country in Indonesia . On , we're putting other journalists lives at risk by DA began over ratings . Were they there on the correct visas ? Yes , they okay , Look , I get like I mean , I spent time working on the border and stuff , and I'm very big on get the right visa . But at the same time , I think that really journalists sometimes do have to break some laws in order to get a storey . And I also believe that people's lives are more important than someone's readings . You'll get over the ratings , you can't get over being beheaded , and I can't believe I'm going to say this . But I agree . And anyone who knows me knows I'm about rating . Pretty much will do anything , but there's a line , and I think that crosses it . There's certainly a lot Look what I'm obviously playing a little up against this . The difficulty is , is I don't want to equate a storey where there's some questionable detail around the facts around a certain young child , whether he was a witch and whether it was going to get eaten . All of that sort of stuff with the Balibo five who were there reporting a very serious storey and absolutely were taken out for reporting that very serious storey the worst that Naomi Robson and her crew were facing with deportation . And guess what happened to them ? They got deported . They were gaoled . Yeah , pending deportation , which then happened like let's let's bring some context to this . The challenges . You're right , Sarah . There are situations where journalists , even in Australia , now need to break laws to break storeys because the whistleblower laws now can see them Gaoled for simply reporting the facts . Thank you , Steven . What a great hot topic . What a great big issue . Let's find out . Let's end on a happy note what we've been watching this week , Sarah , What's tickled your fancy ? Well , surprisingly enough , talking about all of the old fair in love and war . We have been watching the one hundred on DH . We've been watched up , Tio like I think we're the end of season for last night . It's on Netflix in the States , and apparently it's also on the CW over here , which is a it's TV show . But my favourite genre is dystopian future . So Mac found this for me , and it's about kids that go into space because the Earth was ruined . They come back down and , of course , humans being humans . They're currently destroying the Earth again called hundreds because it's one hundred pick kids who were on the space station when they thought it was going to die . They put all the one hundred kids into a pod , and they ejected them to the earth . So they were the first hundred that came down . What platform is that on Netflix in the US ? Okay , we'll cheque . Steven , What's been tickling you ? Well , I mean , movie wise or TV once thought the last time Maze will be the first time . So I watched the final episode of The Big Bang Theory , which was the first episode I'd watched the Big Bang theory . Wow , What did you think ? I thought very impressive . You could see great shower brilliantly . The characters had been set up and developed , and I am just amazed and thankful that TV show about a whole bunch of nerds was such a ratings winner in America . I did think , though , that the final episode suddenly flipped the switch and became incredibly sentimental and a bit cloying . And but of course it did . It's the final episode . Well , no , no , it doesn't have to be like that . I'm sure that we could go through some memorable episodes of final sitcoms . Black Adder is one that just comes to mind immediately where they didn't throw that switch . So it doesn't have to be done like that if you want to be creative and memorable . Mark , what has been tickling your fancy absolutely smashed through stranger things . Season three and loved it so So . Spoilers , please . Spoilers . Everybody dies . It's brilliant . I just cannot wait for season for it was just so good , too . Teo reconnect with all those characters again . I think I'm going to have to re watch it . I loved it there much thie . Other thing that I've been doing , taking the best use of another week of holidays that I've got eyes to preview some television . So I got into the first three off four episodes of the hunting coming to S P s very shortly on DH . That is just just It's a great mind spin and every parent with a teenager and they're teenagers should watch it . It is great television . That's about the sexting scandal in schools on DH . The other thing I watched is the first episode of a new drama coming to the NBC called Les Norton . About the most accurate Western Queensland dude called Les Norton is a Ranger to boot , played by a young guy called Alexander , something who is just cut from the page of a Muscle Building magazine . He is ripped as it's set in the eighty's . He's come down because he wants to have a go at getting some games of rugby league , paid games and takes a job as a bouncer in a seedy nightclub in Kings Cross , Back when Kings Cross had nightlife and B was interesting on It is , it's captivating . I mean , David Wenham is the big boss . Rebel Wilson plays a brothel madam that's at war with his boss , Kate . Box plays a pot addicted ad execs that he moves in with its delightful fun completely , you know , not politically correct . It's Sydney in the eighties and the dark , seamy , disgusting underbelly of it , and it's so fun on bulk . I believe that you like I have have just dropped in on the first episode off Australian Ninja Warrior . Yes , I've been diving across that and enjoying people do things I'm never going to do . It's basically a show in how to cope with disappointment , isn't it ? What a hundred Was it because the buildup on some of these people is massive ? And here they are , they're doing the things that again . And then they get to the second hurdle and fall off into the pool . Yes , would be like watching Master Chef , where the souffle doesn't rise , but so have . But do we think that it's going Teo be brilliant like the first year or drop off like the second year ? I reckon it's got the numbers are Rick and it's going to do half decently . It'll do better than last year , but not as good as Season one . Well , we'll soon know . What are you watching ? Robert ? Well , that seemed unscripted . Mark Steven . You'll be very pleased because Netflix have the big Bang theory every season on No , I have gone back and started watching it . It's actually pulled me away from friends and friends . Rob , I'm goingto I'm going to alternate because I'm watching a couple of guys gotta finish friends because they're pulling it off . Netflix . At the end of the day , it's on . Stand out here . It's in America . It's on Netflix , but its stand out here . So I am flip flopping between friends and on the Big Bang theory . I was going to do that . I'd actually go for Seinfeld from the beginning . Well , I've already done that , but I will be coming back to it on . We are going on ten peach weeknights . Yes , I am watching what's just show called Mr Iglesias , which is a comedy , This comedian , his huge but the sitcom is just fluffy . Yes , yeah , Fluffy . The sitcom is just a bit where , and I'll probably watch more episodes , but I won't be hanging for it . But the big thing we've been doing eyes . My six year old daughter . We've read Harry Potter the first book . So then I said she could watch the movie . We like that right now . Did she said , Well , she is loving , It would say this week , my wife and my middle child have gone away on . We have what we all watched Terry , part of one together , and Harry Potter , too , But now , since they've been away , we've watched three , four and five . The the rule is you have to read the books first . You have to read the books before they can see the film . I'm very surprised you should read the books . But , Rob , that is a promise made to an executive producer . She promised me she'd read the book . Well , you know , what can I say ? I I'm enjoying it , Tio . We're having some good times . Anyway , That brings us to the end of another big episode of the TV black box . Thank you , everyone . Remember to goto iTunes and give us a five star review . We'll see you next week . Although I won't . Months in charge of the ship next week . Good luck , Mark . Kids going to play up your sons of bitches .