The real reason Johanna Griggs suddenly quit HOUSE RULES

Johanna Griggs announced her resignation from House Rules via Instagram

PHOTO: Seven

Just 24 hours after the bombshell announcement channel 10 had lost its entire judging team from MasterChef came news loveable presenter Johanna Griggs was moving on from House Rules.

And the two ‘announcements’ couldn’t have been any more different.

While channel 10 took the extraordinary step of issuing a press release confirming the departures of Gary Mehigan, George Calombaris and Matt Preston from none other than CEO Paul Anderson it was left to Joh to announce her resignation on Instagram

“I’ve got some news for you all. After a great deal of consideration, I recently sat down with the Network to ask to be allowed to step down as Host of House Rules. They have very graciously agreed for me to do that, which I’m incredibly appreciative of.”

After seven years of hosting one of the biggest shows on television many within the industry expected Channel 7 to be falling over themselves complimenting Joh and thanking her for all her hard work.

But Seven remains silent, refusing to issue any statement. 

TV Blackbox has been looking into this story after the strange reaction from Seven with sources revealing the reason for Seven’s stony silence is because the network is furious with the popular personality over her decision to leave, especially with ratings for the once-dominant show in decline.  2020 is going to be a make-or-break season for House Rules and losing Joh leaves a massive hole to fill.

Our sources also confirm a story published in Woman’s Day saying Joh has had enough of the tricks used against participants in the show.  As a board member of Beyond Blue she has found it increasingly difficult standing by while contestants are ‘mistreated’ and couldn’t condone it any more.

“Reality TV production has been an eye opener, they are such enormous beasts with so many people involved” she admitted.

Those who know Joh say “What you see is what you get with her” so they’re not surprised she has taken this stand.

There have also been whispers suggesting Griggs was set to be replaced by new recruit Jamie Durie, but his continuing employment with the show is not a certainty. 

Eyebrows were raised when Durie was front-and-centre for the 2019 launch of the program and many assumed he would be taking over from Joh at some point but with House Rules suffering its worst ratings in recent history, Durie is not seen as a magic bullet and his future remains in doubt.

In fact Seven failed to respond to enquiries asking whether Durie would be part of the program next year.

 “As the show goes into preproduction for the next season, it’s the perfect time to hand over the role to someone who will take the show into S8” Joh told her followers on Instagram.

It’s believed Seven were blind-sided at the meeting where Joh informed them she would not continue with the show and it has thrown their plans for the new season into disarray.  Joh says she will continue on the top rating Better Homes & Gardens and would like to do more work with 7 Sport, which is a passion for her.

“My role as host of Better Homes and Gardens, which everyone knows I’m crazy about,  keeps me very busy. Hopefully now though, with a different work load, I’ll be in a better position to take up one or two of the great opportunities that come my way.”

And it’s worth noting Joh waited until after the finale of House Rules before announcing her decision, allowing Pete and Courtney to have their moment. Now that’s classy.